Volume 2 Issue 3

1.Removal of Hexavalent Chromium (Cr (VI)) from Aqueous Solution Using Corncob and Pine Sawdust Biosorbents Download

Brehan Areaya G/Silase , Esayas Tesema Dibaba , Haimanot Bayeh Agonafir ,  Meron Silewondim Cheru , Samrawit Teshome Dessie & Endazenaw Bizuneh Chemere (Ethiopia)

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/75131758

2.Technology in Communication for Military Personnel towards Family Bonding Download

Jessica Ong Hai Liaw*,Mohd Yahya Mohamed Ariffin,Ahmad Azan Ridzuan,Wong Wai Loong,Norlaila Mazura Mohaiyadin and Zahimi Zainol Abidin (Malaysia )

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/84664654

3.Comparative thermodynamics analysis of gasoline and hydrogen fuelled Internal Combustion Engines Download

M. Faizal and R. Saidur (Malaysia and Saudi Arabia )

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/07017048

4.Identification of Profitable Segment from Indian Cash and Futures Market Download

Naresh Poturaju, Anjanikumar Asthana and Vandana Poturaju (India )

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/04248073

5.Effect of Constitute Materials Proportions on Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Download

Khaleed Heiza and El-Sayed El-Abuoky(Egypt)

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/04169906

6.Vulnerability of the South Pacific Region to Transboundary Crime

Baiq Wardhani (Indonesia )

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/29488022

7.Narayana Guru’s Concept of One Religion (EkaMatam) – A Panacea For Religious Rivalries Download

Dr. S. Omana ( India )

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/57802762



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