Volume 4 Issue 7

1. Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Three Opuntia sps Download

Suryawanshi Pooja and Vidyasagar G.M

2. The regenerative efficacy of native earthworm, Drawida pellucida pallida and exotic earthworm, Eudrilus eugeniae Download

Akila Moorthy K, Rini Joseph, Deepthi M P,Kathireswari P and Saminathan K

3. Media Optimization for Lipase Production from Pseudomonas otitidis G5 Download

Ekramul Haque, Janarthanan Velmurugane and Jamuna Nagarajan

4.Human Resource Information Disclosure in Financial Reports: A Study of Tata Consultancy Services Limited Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.7.2019.1589]

Mukesh Kumar Meena

5. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Trading in Financial Markets Download

Mohini Yadav

6. A review on photodegradation of various dyes using photocatalysts Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.7.2019.1584]

Lydia. C and Allen Gnana Raj. G

7. Dynamic Features of Vietnamese Historical Novel in the Early Twentieth-first Century: Through the Trio of Novels by Nguyen Xuan Khanh Download

Nguyen Thi Tuyet Minh

8. Minimized Routing delay and Energy consumption oriented routing in MANETs Download

R. Veeramani and R. Madhanmohan

9.Structural Study of Tin Oxide Nanopowder Prepared by Jaggery Mediated Gel Combustion Method Download

M. Veerabhadrayya and R. Ananda Kumari

10. Aligned Magnetic Field and Diffusion Thermo Effect on Unsteady MHD Free Convective Flow past an Inclined Surface Download

P. Ramaiah and K. Rama Krishna Prasad

11. An Experimental Study on Bond Strength of Concrete with M-Sand Download

Pradeepa.S and R.L.Sreenivasa

12. Optimization of environmental parameters for enhancement of naringinase production of Bacillus cereus-K1 a bacterial strain Download

Bhaba Kumar Pegu and Devid Kardong and Dip Gogoi

13. Power spectrum of the responses of Turning Specimen Under Random Excitation Download

M.Z.Hussain, D.K.Raman and A.A.Khan

14. Feminization of Indian agriculture Download

Rachana Saxena

15. Studies of structural, morphological and dielectric properties of Ba1-xSrxTiO3 powders synthesized via cost-effective co-precipitation method Download

Rabiya S. Gafari, K. Y. Rajpure and Uzma K. H. Bangi


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