Volume 1 Issue 12

1.An analysis of livelihood of SHG members in West Bengal Download

Santanu Bisai

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/37285133

Research Project Proposal

2.Sperm transcriptome profiling for assessment of boar semen freezability Download

Leyland Fraser

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/14150251

3.Development of an enzyme immunoassay for detection of fipronil in environmental samples Download

Eman Mosallam , Nagat Aly, Nabila Ahmed and Kawther El-Gendy

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/23999056

4.Higher Education Institution Students’ Preference of Educational Technology according to BaZi Profiling Download

Hao Lun Thong, Tan Siang Teo, Chen Zhong Tay, Tin Tin Ting, Soon Beng Teo

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/00113232

5.A Movie Recommender System using Tweets Data Download


UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/00290776




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