Volume 2 Issue 9

1.Analysing the significance of Social Experiences for Young Consumers in Apparel Buying Download

Harleen Sahni, Dr. Bilal M. Khan and Dr. Kishor Barad ( India )

2.Effect of Honey Concentration on Honey based Milk Powder  Download

Ashish Dahiya and Anshika Bharadwaj ( India )

3.Physicochemical Quantitative Analysis of Selected Ground Water Samples of Parbhani city, Maharashtra, India Download

Arshia Parveen, Satish Gaikwad, Mohammed Urooj and Mohammed Umar ( India )

4.Employability Enhancement Methods for Engineering Graduates Download

Dr.P.Selvi Rajendran and Dr.L.Rajendran ( India )

5.Assessing the Determinants of Mamak Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Download

Ernest K. S. Lim (Malaysia)

6.Microbiological Quality Analysis of Commercially Prepared Bottled Drinking Water in Kandy, Sri Lanka Download

D.M.L.N.K.Dissanayake ( Srilanka )

7.Conversion in Arunachal Pradesh, India- A Sociological Analysis of Gender related Factors Download

Tajen Dabi and Mie Dirchi (India)

8.Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for Beginners Download

Ramkumar Gunasekaran and Tamilarasan Kasirajan(Newzealand)

9.The Level of Adoption of Malaria Prevention Strategies on Pregnant Women in Sauri, Siaya sub county, Kenya Download

Rahma Udu, Dan Ochieng, Donald Apat ( Kenya )

10.Analysis of Service Quality Gaps in Banking Industry to Enhance Overall Performance: a Case Study of ABC Bank Download

Shashithanganee Weerawansa and D.A Thamindu Jayanga ( Srilanka )

11.Survey on Communication Technologies for Home Area Network (HAN) in Smart Grids Download

M.W.P Maduranga and Y.S.P Weerasinghe ( Srilanka )

12.Study on Clay Deposits of Adur, Hangal Taluka, Haveri District,Karnataka, India Download

Anand.V.Kulkarni, Srinath.M.Mudiliar and Sanjay.M.Hiremath ( India )





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