Special Issue Oct 2018

1. Effect of Vermicompost Produced from Vegetable Wastes and Cow Dung on the Growth of Tomato Plant  Download

Minakshi Karwal, Anubha Kaushik, Chandra Mohan Batra, Shivadhar Misra and Manisha Trivedi

2. Importance of Physico-Chemical and Bacteriological Parameters in Reckoning Water Quality: A Review  Download

Prarthana  Srivastava

3. An Optimum Rejuvenation Strategy for Maximizing Reliability of Wireless Sensor Networks  Download

Vandana Gupta and Gulshan Chauhan

4. A Case Study of CNG Pump Using Simulation Modelling Approach  Download

Prachi Jain, Rashid Ali

5. Reliable Analysis of Riemann Solver in Ideal Magnetogasdynamicsusing Arithmetic Averaging  Download

Mithilesh  Singh, Nidhi Handa and Shakuntla Sharma

6. Multi View Face Detection using Deep Learning  Download

Shivkaran Ravidas and M.A. Ansari

7. Effect of Laser Pulse Parameters and Initial Phase on the Acceleration of Electrons by a Circularly Polarized Gaussian Laser Beam under the Influence of Azimuth Magnetic Field  Download

Ravindra Singh, Dharmendra Kumar, Shiv Shankar Gaur, Sandeep

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