Volume 3 Issue 5

1.Compressive Sensing for Medical Imaging based on Greedy Algorithms  Download

Arun Kumar giri, Kuldeep Yadav and R.P Agarwal (India)

2. Crack cocaine inhalation induces cardiac atrophy and facilitates limbic-motor seizures in mice submitted to subconvulsive dose of pilocarpine  Download

Araújo, M. S., Melo, I.S., Silva, N.K.G.T, Souza, F.M.A., Santos-Neto, J.G., Pacheco, A.L.D., Cavalcante, C.M.B., Freitas-Santos, J, Ferreira-Rodrigues, A.K.B., Silva, V.S., Basílio-Júnior, I.D., Santos, V.R., Gitai, D.L.G., Bezerra, D.G., Duzzioni, M., Castro, O.W (Brazil)

3. FDI Inflows in India: A Study of Its Recent Trends and Patterns  Download

Sukhjinder Kaur (India)

4. 90-day Sub-chronic Oral toxicological assessment of Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body extract in Sprague-Dawley rats  Download

Ching-Dong Chang, Yi-Min Fang, Tsai-Tien Kuo, Wen-Ling Shih (Taiwan)

5. Mosaic Texture Segmentation using Contourlet Transform  Download

Ben M. Jebin, Dr. M.K. Jeyakumar (India)

6. Improving Object Oriented Software Quality Using Inheritance Coupling Complexity Metric At Package Level(ICmP)  Download

Vanitha N, Thirumalaiselvi R (India)

7.  Physico-chemical characteristics and Microbial decolourisation of spent wash using Indigenous Fungal Isolates  Download


8.Challenge of International Human Resource Management Download

Raksha Yadav (India)

9.Potential of Wave Power as Source of Electricity in Malaysia  Download

M. Faizal1 and Y. H. Tan (Malaysia)

10. Gender Discrimination in Indian sports  Download

Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma,Yatendra Sharma, Dr. Ekta Sharma and Saurabh Kumar (India)

11.Buyback Announcements of Small Market Capitalized Firms and the Shareholders’ Value Creation  Download

Hiral Vyas and Dr. R K Patel (India)

12. Synthesis and study of dielectric properties of Ba5SmZr3V7O30 ceramics  Download

B.K.Giri, B. B. Mohanty, P. S. Sahoo, R. N. P. Choudhary (India)

13.An Assessment of Soil Erosion in Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Anand Kumar Shrivastava (India)

14.Enhancing Human Capital Development through Effective Health Service Delivery in Enugu State, Nigeria

Dr. F.N. Onah (Nigeria)

15.Panorama of mobile banking in India Research Paper

Dr.Shilpa Jain (India)

16. A Survey on Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials

K C Acharyulu Srinivasula, G.Srinivas Reddy, Krishna Rao, B Venugopal Rao (India)

17. Simulation and Validation of Glass Railing System Using Structural Analysis on ANSYS  Download

Prathamesh Bandekar,Niyati Raut, Ashish Vajir (India)

18. Tube Hydroforming: Simulation on ANSYS and Validation  Download

Shweta Patel, Niyati Raut, Ashish Vajir (India)

19.Determinants of Audit Fees: A Conceptual View of Audit Quality Characteristics  Download

Azni Suhaily Binti Samsuri and Tengku Rahimah Binti Tengku Arifin (Malaysia)

20. Ecological Gradients Determining the Zooplankton-Macrophyte Interaction and Diversity in Brackish Water Wetlands of Midnapore (East), West Bengal, India  Download

Sujoy Midya, Sk Saruk Islam, Raj Paul, Susanta Kumar Chakraborty (India)

21. Policies and strategies to promote tree planting among rural households in Nigeria  Download

Adesoji Gideon Adedayo (Nigeria)

22. Investor’s attitude towards mutual fund in Coimbatore city Download

Dr.R.Amsaveni, Mrs.S.Ranjini (India)


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