Volume 5 Issue 5

1. Water Quality and Consumer Perception on Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water. A Study in Chronic Kidney Disease Endemic Region in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka Download


M.G.T.S. Amarasekara, W.M.T.K. Wijesundara and D.M.S.H. Dissanayaka

2. Effect of Organic Amendments, Biofertilizer Consortia and Microbial Antagonists on the Survival of Sheath Rot Pathogen (Sarocladium oryzae (sawada) Gams and Hawksw Download


Budha Bora and Mohammad Sakendar. Ali

3. Assessment of Water Quality and Eutrophication Status of UlsoorLake, Bangalore, Karnataka, India Download


Vyshnavi D R and Shivanna S

4. A study to assess the effectiveness of structure teaching programme on knowledge regarding zika fever and its management among patients admitted in medical ward in District Hospital Download



5. Structural and thermal characteristic of IC engine piston using FEM approach Download


Manigandan.A, Rajesh.P, Stewak.P, Surya.S and Nagaraj.M

6. A study to Assess the Effect of Individual Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge regarding Management of Diabetes Mellitus among patient with Diabetes Mellitus at selected Hospital Download


S. Andal


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