Volume 5 Issue 8

1. The Effects of Instructional Scaffolding on High School EFL Students’ Making References and Guessing Words’ Meanings in Reading Texts: A Case at a High school in Vietnam Download


Ngoan Chau Thi and Cong Dan Thai

2. Assessment of the contribution of Technical and Vocational Education Training projects in enhanced income levels Download


Coulibaly Yah Claudine and Jean de DieuKhan Hakizimana

3. The influence of United Nations High Commission for Refugees healthcare intervention on the socioeconomic status of refugees in Gihembe camp Download


Adrienne GWIZA and Jaya Shukla

4. Female Leaders and Work-life Balance within the Hotel Industry: A conceptual Approach Download


May Aly Fouad Elariny,Ayman H. Metwally, Sherif H. Hassan and Yehia Sabri Nawar

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