Volume 7 Issue 6

1. EFL Pre-service Teachers’ Perspectives on the Role of Teaching Practicum in Professional Competence Development Download


Hue Thi Thanh Tran and Trang Thi Minh Ly

2.Acquisition of AI knowledge through organisational learning V/S Replacement with Automation: Impact on ROI, Innovation and Resistance Download


Pragati Yadav

3. A Review on Diversity of Ant Species in Karnataka State Download


Akhila A and Keshamma E

4. FENDRR: A Long Non-coding RNA as a novel Biomarker for Acute Myocardial Infarction Download


SaraM. Abo-Khalaf,Sara H. A. Agwa, Ahmed A. Gomaa, Alaa R. M. Sayed and Soha M. Hamdy

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