Special Issue April 2019

1. Evaluation of phytochemical standardization and antioxidant activity of leaf part of Biophytum sensitivum  Download

A. Sreedevi and A. Malar Retna

2. Green synthesis of copper nanoparticles from the flower extract of Ipomea pes-caprae collected from Thoothukudi coastal areas  Download

Jeyapratha J, Christina C and Chandra Lekha N

3. Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical studies of Polyaniline/Benzalazine/cobalt(II) chloride composite  Download

B. Divya, D. Kanagavel, N. Chandralekha and C. Vedhi

4. A DFT Study of Diazepam Derivative  Download

J. Winfred Jebaraj and T. Sasitha

5. Composites of Copper Oxide and Polyaniline for Solar Cell Applications Download

Emi Princess Prasanna Athisayaraj and C.Vedhi

6. Food Safety and Hygiene Practices percentage ratio assessment study in fried food processing units  Download

J. Lawrence, G.V. Gopinath, Anitha Pius and C. Vedhi

7. Synthesis and Characterization Of Photocatalyst for the Photodegradation Process Of Detergent for Potential Applications  Download

Lydia. C and Allen Gnana Raj. G

8. A DFT study of Edaravone  Download

J.Winfred Jebaraj and J.Gershom Stuart

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