Volume 3 Issue 4

1. Impact of Social Media on Online Apparel Brands  Download

Deepanshi Gupta, Dr. Varsha Khattri ( India )

2. Physicochemical Analysis of Water Near Rudrapur Areas in Uttarakhand  Download

P.P.Tripathi, Ekta Rani (India )

3.Study on intention mediating role in cyber enterpreneurship adoption among the undergraduates in Malaysia  Download

Mohd Nizam Badaruddin, Naziruddin Abdullah (Malaysia)

4. The future of manpower supply sustainability for shipping industry  Download

Amr Saad Eldin Abd Elhamed Sadek (Egypt)

5. Finite Element Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring under Static and Fatigue Loads  Download

Harmeet Singh and Gurinder Singh Brar (India)

6. A Study on the Effects of Knowledge Vis-à-vis Preference of Apparel Brands by Consumers in Vadodara City  Download

Amol Ranadive (India)





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