Volume 5 Issue 1

1. Antioxidant Activity and Total Phenol Anthocyanin and Flavonoid Content Analysis of Rasberry Download

N.Srinivas Goud and Rohit Kumar Sinha

2. Comparative Phytochemical analysis of stem and root extracts from Rauwolfia serpentina  Download

Virendra Vaishnav and Debasish Sahoo

3.Effective Classroom Environment  Download

Swati Tyagi

4. Extraction and Evaluation of Anti-Oxidants from Fruit Peels and Its Utilization in Paneer to Increase its Shelf-Life  Download

Sanchita Choubey, Gauri Katekar, Pooja Pawar and Suchitra Godbole

5. Do stocks outperform treasury bills?   Download

Navya Ninan

6. Human Exposure Levels Due to Mobile Base Station Antennas in Sri Lanka   Download

M.A.A. Karunarathna, C.A.N. Fernando and P. Samarasekara

7. Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence according to its type (Stress, Urge Or Mixed) in females and its association with age and parity: A hospital based study   Download

Sangeeta Jain, Shishir Mathur, Prasoon Choudhary and Sarita Choudhary

8. An Investigation into Students’ Attitudes towards Test-Preparation Teaching in Their TOEIC- Oriented Courses Download

Lanh Le, Dung Dang and Ngoc Hua

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