Volume 2 Issue 5

1.IMC Preferences at Super Speciality Hospitals Download

Shruthi Patel BS , Dr R S Ramesh, Shivansh Mehra and Suchet Rathod ( India )

2.The Relationship between Retaining Talent and Job Satisfaction in Selected Public Higher EducationDownload

Kamal M.Y., Lukman Z.M. and Zam Azima Zamri (Malaysia)

3.Supplement of Acrosin To The Post Thawing Sperm of Sheep Towards Increasing Potency of SpermatozoaDownload

Budi Utomo (Indonesia)

4.Deposits, Advances and Recovery Analysis of Telangana Grameena BankDownload

Durdana Begum and Badiuddin Ahmed (India)

5.Comparison of Performance of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector (PTSC) using Water and Nanofluid (TiO2 + Water)Download

Shri Ram, Aditya Kr Mishra, Ketan Jawney and Chandra Prakash ( India )

6.Project Management Application in the Construction Industry in Sabah, MalaysiaDownload

Dhanasegaran Ramiah (Malaysia)

7.Comparative Study on the Strength and Durability Properties of M 50 Grade Self Compacting Concrete with Micro ConcreteDownload

Dr. R. Vijayalakshmi,Dr. S. Ramangopal, Dr. R. Sathia and Arvindh Raj (India)

8.Cheddar Cheese Characterization and Its Biochemical Change during RipeningDownload

Asfawosen Mamo ( Ethiopia )

9.Design & Implementation of Traffic Analysis and Prediction System Using CDR Data Download

Suja C Nair, Dr. Sudeep Elayidom M and Dr. Sasi Gopalan ( India )

10.Design and Analysis of Spring Loaded Lift Table for Industrial Application Using FEA

Aditya Kumar Mishra, Shri Ram and Anil Kumar ( India )

11.An Empirical Study to Analyse the Stay Aspects versus the Voluntary Turnover Intentions of Software Professionals in IndiaDownload

Priyada Sudhakaran and G Senthilkumar ( India )




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