Volume 3 Issue 9

1. Thermo-Mechanical Modeling And Analysis Of High Speed Spindle  Download

VVSH Prasad and Dr.V.Kamala

2. Enhancing the Competency Level of News Literacy among Adolescents in Kanyakumari District Download

S. Ajantha Thamayanthi and G. Balasubramania Raja

3. Antioxidant Enzyme Levels as Surrogate Markers for Genomic Instability in Leukemia Patients  Download

Manoj Kumar, Mohit Chowdhry,Raj Nath Makroo,Pankaj Sharma

4. Modelling, Optimization and Cost Analysis of Grid Connected Solar-Battery System for Tripura University Campus  Download

Somudeep Bhattacharjee, Samrat Chakraborty,Brahma Nand Thakur and Mir Sahidul Ali

5. Considering Residual Faults of Inverse Rayleigh Software Reliability Growth Model  Download
BNV Uma Shankar, Dr G.Sridevi

6. Photocatalytic degradation of o-cresol over tio2 powder the influence of pms and pds on the reaction rate  Download

S. Manikandan, K.B. Dhanalakshmi

7. A survey on web mining techniques for capturing user intention for personalized websites  Download

Vijayalakshmi.D.K, Mr.D.Sridhar Deva

8. Dental Fluorosis – a case report  Download

Ravikumar PT,Karthik R, Saramma Mathew Fenn,Kumar

9. Virtual Optimization of Motorcycle Sprocket Material by Using FEA and Taguchi Coupled TOPSIS-GA-SA  Download

Abhishek Barua, Siddharth Jeet, Biswajit Parida,Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo, Dilip Kumar Bagal, Abhishek Samantray

10. Analytical Solution of time fractional Biological population model by HPM  Download

Prajapati  R. N ,  Pundhir Sarita

11. Microsporidia as an entomopathogen: A Review  Download

DiptiKashyap, Suman Mishra, Kamal Jaiswal

12. Legal issues in Internet of Things  Download

Hetal B. Pandya

13. Bioremediation:Genetically Engineered (GE) Organisms for Detoxification of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils  Download

Bhavika Rana, Rashmi Arora, Shivangi Das, Rohan Kashyap, Charu Kalra

14. Analysis and Effect of a FACT Device – Static VAR Compensator on a Long transmission Line Using Simulation Download

K. Sri Kumar

15. Ananlysis and Application of Fault Current Limiter For Induction Motor Drive  Download

K. Sri Kumar

16. Antibacterial activity of 1, 3, 4- oxadiazole derivatives and inhibition against β-ketoacyl-ACP synthase  Download

Santhanalakshmi K, Kalyanasundharam S, Muthukumar S and Jacquline Rosy P

17. Framework for modelling software reliability growth for error detection with dynamic faults  Download

Mohammad Altaf Dar, Showkat Ahmad Teeli, Fayaz Ahmad Bhat


Other articles to be published soon…

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