Volume 3 Issue 3

1. Homomorphic and Isomorphic images of some soft structures over a semigroup Download

Khaja Moinuddin (India)

2.Social Decohesion and Democracy: Renunciation of National Integration in a Pluralist Society Download

Jazimin Zakaria and Sity Daud (Malaysia)

3.A Comparative Comparison of Electrochemical Behaviour of Mg, Mg-5Al, Mg-10Al, Mg-15Al and Mg-Al-Zn Alloys in Alkaline NaCl solutions Download

M.M. El-Rabiei, G.M. Abd El-Hafez and Y.M. Abd El-Alim (Egypt)

4. Blood Flow Through a Capillary With Variable Wall Permeability Download

M.M.Quraishi ,M.V.Ramanamurty, Mohdabdul Rahim, Syedwaseem Raja (India)

5. The Success/failure System Hypothesis Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/3.3.2018.496]

Dong-Yih Bau (Taiwan)

6.Assessment of Quality Assurance and Quality Control for GNSS Surveying Firms – A case study in Egypt Download

Samy Ayaad, Mohamed H. Elwany, Hassan G. El-Ghazouly and Mohamed M. Hosny (Egypt)

7.Purification and characterization of alkaline Lipase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain Download

Chetan C. Gaonkar, Meenaxi Keni, Bharathi Banavath, T. Y. Mudaraddi, S. V. Hiremath, Pulikeshi M Biradar and Dheeraj K. Veeranagoudar (India)

8. Women participation in Handloom and handicraft development in Papum Pare District: A Case Study in Capital Complex Download

R C Parida and Bengia Tada (India)

9. Comparative Assessment of Softness and Cohesiveness Indices, Colour Characteristics and Consumers’ Acceptability of Doughmeals from Yam, Plantain and Whole Wheat Download

Mathew K. Bolade, and Mohammed A. Usman (Nigeria)






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