Volume 4 Issue 4

1. The Mesocosmos: The Success/failure System  Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.4.2019.1296]

Dong-Yih Bau

2. Production of Xylanase and CMCase by Pleurotus ostreatus in Polyurethane Foam based Solid State Fermentation  Download

Kausik Majumder

3. Effects of Insecticide Malathion on growth, biochemical compounds and some enzymes of Fischerella muscicola NDUPC001  Download

S.K. Mishra and N. Dwivedi

4. Mechanical and Thermal Studies of Epoxy Resin Modified with Epoxidised Novolac from Phenol Naphthol  Mixture  Download

Jenish Paul and Eby Thomas Thachil

5. Studies on Avian Diversity, Abundance and Their Status at Raj Bhavan, Nagpur, Maharashtra Download

Ajay Dorlikar and Pravin Charde

6. A study on the usage & dependency on smartphones among the college students in Coimbatore  Download

Jisha K and C.Jebakumar

7. Studies on Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Cissampelos pareira (L.)  Download

Uthpala T and Raveesha H R

8. A review on Semiconductor nanoparticles in Photovoltaic cells Download

Riya Datta and Aswathy Maria Sunny

9. Extremally Disconnected Space in  Soft Bitopological Spaces  Download

N.Revathi and K.Bageerathi

10. Migratory Avifauna of Tumsar Tahsil of Bhandara District (Maharashtra, India)  Download

Arti A. Salwe and Madhukar F. Jadhao

11. On the Estimating the Operating Characteristic of Shewart control chart for Means using Interval estimates of Process mean and Spread Download

Boya Venkatesu, R. Abbaiah, and V. Sai Sarada

12. Remote Sensing And GIS Based Morphometric Calculation: A Case Study of Pahuj River Basin, Jhansi District, U.P., India  Download

Atul Tiwari, Shashank Tripathi and Shashi Kant Tripathi

13. Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of Cardanol bridging ligands with Schiff base metal complex Zirconium (IV) and Thorium (IV)  Download

Sofia, C.M , and Sobana Raj, Isac C

14. Integration of Internet of Things on Cloud Computing and Wireless Sensor Network Download

D. Dhanya, Renu D. S. and J. Benisha Janice

15.Digital health resources collection and their use in The Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute Library Ahmedabad:  A case study  Download

Nuri Kalita and S.K. Sharma

16. A Study on Adaptive Clothing for Females with Arthritis   Download

Shalini Singh

17. The Impact of Total Quality Management Practices on Key Performance Indicators of Star Hotels  Download

Navneet Gabriel Fullinfaw and Sunil M.P

18. Potential of Soil Microbes in Degrading  Polystyrene Foam  Download

Murali. M and Umamaheswari. S

19. Influence of Hall and Ion-Slip Current on Span-Wisecosinusoidally Fluctuating MHD Free Convective Fluid Flow Past an Inclined Porous Plate with Chemical Reaction and Soret Effect  Download

T.R.K.D. Vara Prasad, T.Linga Raju and K.V.B.Rajakumar

20. Integration of Internet of Things on Cloud Computing and Wireless Sensor Network  Download

D. Dhanya, Renu D. S and J. Benisha Janice

21. Purification and Characterization of Bacteriocin producing Bioactive Compounds from soil origin Pseudomonas sp Download

Thampy Aditya Sreekumaran, G. Sivaranjani and S. Umamaheswari

22. Diseases of Marigold (Tagetes erecta) and their management: A Review Download

Pinky Gurjar, Laxmi Meena and Ashwani Kumar Verma

23. Antibacterial Activity of Rubia Tinctorum, Rosa Damascene and Eclipta Prostrate for Textile Application  Download

A.Priyanka & Banupriya.J

24. Smart Air Pollution Monitoring and Controlling for Vehicles & Industries  Download

Arathy Varma, Varsha Aiwale, Shilpa Singh and Jyoti Waykule

25. Flexible Patch Antenna using Different Substrates for WBAN Applications  Download

D.Prabhakar,M.AkhilPoorvika,M.Venkata Krishna Sai and M.Subba Naidu

26. An Evaluation of the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme provided to the tribal students of Darjeeling Municipality  Download

Marsha Lama

27. Color Image Retrieval Based on Adaptive Statistical Distance Measure with Local Features  Download

Seetharaman. K and Chembian. W. T.

28. HBB gene exon-1 mutations analysis among cast population of Madhya Pradesh using Molecular genetic approach  Download

Ruchira Chaudhary, Ayni Swaleh,Ragini Gothalwal and Nitin Pathak

29. Revitalization of Open Apex Teeth with Apical Periodontitis Using a Collagen Scaffold  Download

Neelam Mittal, Prasad Suresh Patel , Vijay Parashar and Kaushal Pati Tripathi

30. The Potential Applications of Cyanobacteria (Blue Green Algae): A Brief Review  Download

Aithal Sadanand V.

31. Role of Governance in Accountability of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)  Download

Maria Pramila Dsouza and Kiran G Reddy

32. Indian giant leap towards Hypertension: A short comparison and discussion

Bidyut Pramanik

33. Promoting Brands Through Mascot Endorsers  Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.4.2019.1397]

Pavan Patil

34. Child sexual abuse: a withered childhood takes away blooming youth  Download

Madhu Bala

35. A Study on Noise Control in Buildings

Diwakar Sahota and Bhawna Sahay

36. Bio-Plastics: A sustainable alternative to conventional petroleum based plastics Download

Anil Pratap Singh and Angom Sarjubala Devi

37. Effect of insect growth regulator pesticide on ovary of Channa punctata (Bloch, 1793)  Download

K. T. Waghmare and V. V. Baile

38. The Effect of Chromolaena odorata on the soil quality in Dimoria Tribal Belt of Assam Download

Mausam Kumar Paul and Chandra Sharma

39. Authentication of Costus Pictus.D.Don A Medicinal Plant by PCR-Based RAPD Marker Download

T.G Umesh and Radha Devi G.M

40. Response of soil and foliar application of silicon on physiological parameters of sweet orange  (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) Cv.Nucellar  Download

D.D.Diwate, M.B.Patil, S.G.Patil and D.P.Deshpande

41. Obstacle Detection Based on LAB-HSV Color space Morphological Image Segmentation for Navigation of Micro Aerial Vehicle  Download

Anbarasu Balasubramanian and Anitha Ganesan

42.FT-IR Spectroscopic Analysis of Seasonal Impact of Mineral Assemblage in Coastal Soil Samples and Its Structural Study  Download

Vinoth Kumar K C and Jani Subha T

43.Cysticercosis of Masseter Muscle: A case report  Download

Neha Verma and Adit Srivastava

44. Shifts in the Identity of Women in India through the Ages  Download

Rajitha T

45. Sexism in contemporary advertising  Download

Suparna Naresh and Shreedas Muthuthodiyil

46.Histological Changes in Tilapia Exposed to Bisphenol A (BPA) Compound  Download

Vasu, G., Sujatha, L. B. and Manju Bashini, J.

47. Nanoparticles: A Potential Nano Antibiotic  Download

Divya Kalra, Shivani and Waseem Ahmad

48. Social Media and Demographic Influence in Higher Education  Download

Gurvinder Singh, Manish Bansal and Dyal Bhatnagar

49. Climate Change and Livelihood Adaptation: A Case Study of District Doda in Jammu And Kashmir State  Download

Shayan Javeed

50. A Different Approach on Homo Cordial Labeling of Spider Graph  Download

S.Sriram and R.Govindarajan

51. Quality of Demographic Dividend among the Scheduled Tribes Living in North Eastern States of India  Download

K.K.Nath, L.Choudhury and R.P Kakati

52. Pharmacognostic Studies in ‘Ashtachoornam’: An Ayurvedic Formulation  Download

Thara K. Simon and Soumya Krishnan

53. Effect of Culture Conditions on Formation and Germination of Sclerotia of Rhizoctonia solani Download

Monimala Mondal, Paulami Koley, Amitava Saha and Surekha Kundu

54. Effect of different pollination treatments on sweet pepper plants grown under plastic house  Download

Farag Abdel_Latif Sharshir, Farouk El-Aidy and Alyaa Abdel_Mottaleb Gazzy

55. Synthesis, Spectroscopic characterization and Larvicidal activity of some Transition Metal Complexes of Schiff base derived from Curcumin and 2-aminophenol  Download

Saritha T.J and P.Metilda

56. Synthesis, characterization and DNA binding Studies of hydrazine-based ligands and their corresponding copper (II) complexes  Download

Yamuna Nair and Juno Rose Attokkaran

57. Size Effect on Fire affected Columns and Beams A Literature Review

E.Bhargavi , N.GiriBabu and V.SowjanyaVani

58. Synthesis, Characterization and antimicrobial activity of Transition Metal Complexes of Pyrrole-2-carboxaldehyde withLeucine  Download

R.Subarani and P.Metilda

59. A Study On Celebrity Endorsed Promotional Video Advertisements With Reference To Jewelers Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.4.2019.1436]

Pavan Patil

60. Motivational Speaker Prem Rawat and Stress Management: A Study among Youth in Mumbai Live Event  Download

Rashmi Kumari

61. Microplastics and single use plastics: A curse of over consumerism

Anil Pratap Singh and Angom Sarjubala Devi

62. Photocatalytic applications of transition metal and metal oxide nanoparticles  Download

James Arulraj and Minu Mathew

63. Impact of Climate Change on the Water Resources of North-Western Himalayas Region and Adjoining Punjab Plains  Download

Mohd. Shafi Bhat

64. To study the Antioxidative potential of Flaxseed oil at varied temperatures  Download

Promita Gundev, Komal Chauhan and Divya Sachdev

65. Decay parameters and extent of retrapping involved in thermoluminescence spectrum of CdSiO3 with various dopants  Download

Devendra Prasad

66. Differentiating Price Sales Promotion and Non Price Sales Promotion in affecting Customers’ Behavior at Smartphone Retail Outlet. An Empirical Study  Download

David Campbell and C. B. Singh


67. Alpha Functionalization of Aliphatic Amines – A Facile Approach  Download

Indrajit Chakraborty

68. Physico-chemical Characterization of Ground Water with Reference to Water Quality Index and Their Seasonal Variation in Vicinity of Thermal Power Plant at Yamuna Nagar, Haryana  Download

Atul K. Ahuja, Prem Singh and Varinderjit Singh

69. Aggressive alkaline attack on nano Al2O3 blended Ultra High Performance Concrete Download

S. Karnal Preeth and K. Mahendran

70. Relativity of Multidimensional Social Support with the Indicators of Psychological Health Download

Shalini Prakash and Kokila Saxena

71. Demarcation of sites ideal for mangrove afforestation in the Northern part of Kerala  Download

Neethu G. Pillai and Harilal C.C.

72. Deregulated Multi-objective Economic Load Dispatch using Cuckoo Search Algorithm with valve point effect consideration  Download

John Valder and Pinto Pius A J

73. A study of management information system and the psychological empowerment of administrative staff in health care organizations  Download

Ashok Kumar Yadav

74. Influence of Radiation and Soret on MHD Free Convective Flow through an Oscillatory Porous Medium with Constant Suction Velocity in Presence of Hall and Ion-Slip Current  Download

N.Ranganath, C. Srinivasa kumar and K.V.B. Rajakumar

75. Reproductive phase wise fluctuations in protein, carbohydrate and cholesterol in the blood serum of female spotted snakehead, Channa punctata (Bloch, 1793)  Download

S.C. Masram, B.H. Salame, D.B. Meshram and K.T. Waghmare




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