Volume 4 Issue 5

1. Corrosion behavior of magnesium alloys in sodium sulphate solutions with different pH  Download

G.M. Abd El-Hafez, H.H. Mohammed and N.H. Helal

2. Stability Analysis of AC Microgrid taking into account the Load Dynamics  Download

Aziz Ahmad, Mohd.Zillurrahman, Safdar Tanweer and Naseem Rao

3. Talent Management– A perspective to Employee’s Efficiency and Career Development  Download

Pooja Singh and Swati Mishra

4. Impact of capital budgeting decisions on financial performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s): A case study of SME’s of Jammu and Kashmir  Download

Sheikh Aamir and Javed Iqbal

5.Isolation of biomethanated effluent (BME) Degrading Bacteria and Fungi Download

Snehal Agnihotri, Rashmi Vishwakarma and Suneeta Panicker

6. Comparison of Double Sampling Plan with Single Sampling Plan in Supply Chain Management System – A Simulation Study  Download

S. Ravi Sankar and M. Jeganathan

7. Spatial Pattern of Criminals in Chennai City: A Geospatial Based Approach  Download


8. Promoting Gender Equality In Workplace: A Conceptual View Download

Siti Subaryani Zainol, Azni Suhaily Samsuri, Tengku Rahimah Tengku Arifin, Suhaili Mohd Hussin and Zam Zuriyati Mohamad

9. A Survey of Soft Computing Techniques for Dental Disease Analysis  Download

S.Poorani and Vasantha Kalyani David

10. Electronic Distribution of hotel rooms:A paradigm shift  Download

Arati Prabhu

11. Assessment of the Methods for the Implementation of Green Supply Chain Management in Industries Download

Rajesh Kumar and Shiena Shekhar

12. Trash to Treasure – An Empirical Study of Informal Waste Pickers in Solid Waste Management in Puliangudi Municipality, Tamil Nadu, India Download

K.S.Selvanayaki and P.Kailasasundaram

13. Qualitative Analysis: Issues and barriers of Medication Management in Residential Aged Care Facilities  Download

Mariani Ahmad Nizaruddin, Nurul Dania Abdul Rahman,Marhanis Salihah Omar, Adliah Mhd Ali and Mohd Makmor Bakry

14. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome with Post Herpetic Neuralgia: A Case Report   Download

Neha Verma and Shilpi Gangwar

15. Assessment of Ground water quality used for Drinking water supply of Guvvalacheruvu village using Water Quality Index  Download

M. Govindamma, S. Sumithra and P. Mercy Jasper

16. Determining Employees’ perception towards Customer Relationship Management practices in the Indian Aviation sector  Download

Pawanjot Kaur and Sarang Narula

17. Development and standardization of low glycemic index foods for type 2 diabetic patients  Download

G.Kavitha and S.Parameshwari

18. Near Duplicate Web Page Detection for Efficient Web Crawling: A Survey Download

S. S. Bhamare

19. Effect of soil amendments with organic composting on the yield of capsicum (Capsicum annum L.)  Download

Neetu Soni, Laxmi Meena and Ashwani Kumar Verma

20. Role of CRM Initiatives of Life Insurance Corporation of India to Satisfy the Customers  Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.5.2019.1469]

Sucheta Rani and Anil Kumar Soni

21. GC-MS Analysis For Identification Of Bioactive Compounds In Crude Methanolic Extracts Of Leaves Of Origanum Majorana L. Plant  Download

Khushbo Bhardwaj and Widhi Dubey

22. Importance of customer relationship management (CRM) in Indian banking sector  Download

G. Kalaiarasi and C. Mugunthan

23. Some double integrals involving g-function of two variables  Download

Shukla Vinay Kumar

24. Phytochemical Screening and Medicinal Potential of Phyllanthus niruri Download

Amreen Suhel Fatema, Shravan Kumbhare and Rajkumar Khapekar

25. Impact of Contract Farming on price and quality of Agriculture Produce in selected districts of Maharashtra  Download

Nagnath Bembde and Pravin Tamgadge

26. Newly Developed Eco-friendly Bio-based Polyurethane Coating for Enhanced Materials Properties for Outer Structure Applications in Aeronautical Industries  Download

Abhishek Chandramohan and Prashaant Chandramohan

27. A Study of Awareness of Generic Medicine in Nanded City  Download

Aarti More, Saniya N. Lalani, Abhishek O. Gill and M. S. Altamash

28. Synthesis, Crystal Growth, Spectroscopic and DFT studies of 2-[(2,5-dimethyl phenyl)imino]methyl)phenol as a nonlinear optical single crystal  Download

R. Sathishkumar, C. J. Magesh, S.R. Thilagavathy, ,S. Tamilselvan, I. EpsyDevakirubai , K. Venkatapathy and M. Vimalan

29. An EOQ Model for Weibully Distributed Deteriorating Items with the Effect of Permissible Delay in Payments and Partially Backlogged Shortages  Download

U.B. Gothi, Kareeshaa Shah and Santosh Rohida

30. Evaluation of Energy Efficient Routing Protocols with Optimization Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks  Download


31.Performance evaluation of Controlled Low Strength Materials (CLSM) using sustainable materials  Download

C. Nataraja and N.R.VadirajRao

32. Consumer’s attitude towards organic food products: analysis on organic food consumers  Download

Nandish Manangi and Sanjeev S Padashetty

33. Urbanization in Asansol: An Impact Assesment Download

Riya Auddya

34. Implementation of Theory of Constraints (TOC) in a Manufacturing Plant Download

Harish U.C.

35. Plastic Waste Management: A Review Download

Anil Pratap Singh and Angom Sarjubala Devi

36. Consumer Neuroscience and Modern Marketing Research: Present Issues and Future Trends  Download

Soumitro Chakravarty

37. Developing and Validating a Questionnaire in the Field of Physical Education and Sports Sciences  Download

Poorva Rastogi And Kalpana Sharma

38. More on Multifunctions  Download

Nandini Bandyopadhyay and Paritosh Bhattacharyya

39. Characterization of a Newly Developed Eco-friendly Phenol-paraPhenyleneDiAmine (P-pPDA) Coating for Outer Structure Applications in Aeronautical Industries  Download

Abhishek Chandramohan

40. Predictive Model for Diabetes using Machine Learning Algorithms  Download

Ananya V, Sushmitha N and Byra Reddy

41. Cost Benefit Analysis of Small Tea Growers in Padumani Development Block of Golaghat District of Assam Download

Shiv Kumar Sharma

42. Localization and Identification of Mucoprotein in the Skin and Gills Epidermal Mucous cells of Cynoglossus semifasciatus (Day, 1877)  Download

Natarajan Elayaperumal

43. An Application of Pade Approximation and PID Tuning Technique to Improve the System Performance of Electric Ventricular Assist Device  Download

Soumyendu Bhattacharjee,Aishwarya Banerjee and Biswarup Neogi

44. Usability Evaluation of M-Learning Apps in the Context of User Experience  Download

Kamlesh Meshram and Manimala Puri

45. Women Empowerment and Micro Entrepreneurship among Rural Women– An Empirical Study in Malda District, WB, India  Download

Dipesh Kundu

46. Marital adjustment and Quality of Life among Nurses  Download

Mamman, J. C. and Savitha, K.V.

47. Effect of the levels of intelligence on problem solving ability of higher secondary students   of English and Hindi medium schools Download

Bikramjit Kaur Malhotra and  Daljeet Kaur

48. Design of Mastic Wearing Course Using Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)  Download

Ganapathi Malarvizhi and Y.C.Thilakar

49. Section 377: Avenues of Changes  Download

Neha Bhartiya

50. Fiber Optic Sensor for Respiration Monitoring of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients  Download

Huma Khan, Aviral Gupta, Sumita Mishra and Pallavi Asthana

51. Dynamic Mechanical Properties of a Newly Developed Bio-based Eco-Friendly Polyurethane (PU) Coating for Outer Structure Applications in Aeronautical Industries  Download

Abhishek Chandramohan and Prashaant Chandramohan

52. Flow Shop Arrangement of Heuristics-Palmer, Campbell Dude Smith Algorithm: Effective Tools to Mitigate the Travelling Salesman Problem  Download

Sk. Mastan, U. Balakrishna and G. SankarSekharRaju

53. Susceptibilities of certain insect pests to Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) as Bio-control agent  Download

Alyaa Abdel- Mottaleb Ali Gazzy

54. A Spatial Perspective on Gender Gap in Literacy in Border Districts of India  Download

Utpal Kumar and Deepika Sankhyan

55. Prediction of Employment in Public and Private Organized Sector in India  Download

Monika Saxena

56. Photoluminescent Analysis of MgAl2O4:xDy(x=1,2,3) Synthesised by Combustion Technique  Download

Pankaj Pathak, Manisha Singh, Pankaj Kumar Mishra

57.Optimization of Ethanol Production from Pineapple Peel by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Download

Ramesh Babu, M. Mastan, K. Charan and Virendra Vaishnav

58. A study on personal profile of tobacco users in Madurai east block  Download

P. Ramasamy

59.Reasons against Audit Exemption among SME Companies in Malaysia  Download

Kogilavani Apadore, Beh Chien Woon, Cheng Wei Kei, Lim Sok May,Teoh Yet Yi and Thong Joo Mei

60. A Study on the Usage of Tobacco Products among people in selected villages of Madurai East Block  Download

P. Ramasamy

61. Environmental Practices in Small and Medium Size Enterprises in India  Download

Pankaj Kumar











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