Volume 4 Issue 3

1. Optimization of Culture conditions for Protease production from Staphylococcus sciuri (TKMFT 8)  Download

Sony I. S.

2. A Review of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs  Download

Hemant Suryavanshi, Mithilesh Rathore

3. Recent Scenario of Indian Agriculture: A Critical Appraisal Download

Ravi Shanker Tiwary and Dr. S. K. Singh

4. Possible Implications of Nitrate Contaminated Water to Human Health- A Review Download


5. Free Convective Heat Transfer over Truncated Cone with Convective Heating: Numerical Analysis Download

G. Raju

6. Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Phytosterol from  Corchorus olitorius L Download

Kalpna Dhayal and Dileep Kumar

7. Exclusion of Tribes from the Formal Credit System: A Study of Non-Primitive Tribes in Wayanad District  Download

Pradeep Kumar.B and Suresh MV

8. Investigation on Structural and Luminescence Properties of Dy3+ – ions Doped Bismuth Borate Glasses for Optoelectronic Devices Download

B. Munisudhakar, C. Nageswara Raju, M. Reddi Babu,A. Mohan Babu, L. Rama Moorthy and N.Manohar Reddy

9.Plastic Waste: A Review Download

Anil Pratap Singh and Dr.Angom Sarjubala Devi

10.Identification of Immunity Inducing Biological Compounds from Coelomic Fluid of Eudrilus Eugeniae  Download

Murugan Subbiah and Umamaheswari Sankaran

11. Performance of X-bar chart associated with Range under Three Delta Control Limits and Six Delta Initiatives  Download

Kalpesh S. Tailor

12. Synthesis of cardanol Schiff base ligands, characterization and biological activity of Copper (II), Nickel (II) Cobalt (II) complexes  Download

C.M Sofia and C. Isac Sobana Raj


Other articles to be published soon…

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