Volume 2 Issue 7

1.Wireless Data Transfer Of USB Devices Using Wifi Technology Download

Rohan Kulashresta, Rajeev Ranjan,Shreyas Barati , Rakesh M and Vibha T G ( India )

2.Neutrophil CD64 and Neutrophil/Lymphocyte ratio as predictors of hospital outcome in acute exacerbation COPD Download

Aliaë AR Mohamed-Hussein, Sanaa S Aly, Asmaa M Zahran, Samiaa H Sadek ( Egypt )

3.The Encouragement Thai Primary Science Teachers’ Competency in Developing the Inquiry-based Science Lesson Plans using Lesson Study Process, ThailandDownload

Pornpaka Chamnanwong,Kongsak Thathong Toshinobu Hatanaka ( Thailand )

4.Assessment of Capacity Gaps in Nigeria Public Sector:A Study of Enugu State Civil Service Download

Onah Fab. O.,Dr. Onyishi Ernest,Dr. Ugwu Chuka,Dr. Izueke Edwin,Dr. Anikwe S. Obinna,Dr. Agalamanyi C. U.,Ugwuibe C. O. ( Nigeria )

5.Strategic Re engineering with Innovation for Social Welfare and SocietyDownload

Nazima Afzal Nzad ( India )

6.Source Rock of the Volcanic Fragments in Wadi Al-batin, Iraq: Geomorphological, Petrographical and Geochemical Evidences  Download

Ahmad Y. Al-Gurairy, Abdelhalim S. Mahmoud and Hussein Athab Aljibory ( Russia, Egypt,Iraq)

7. Paper Withdrawn

8.Analysis of microbiological and physiochemical quality of commercially prepared mixed fruit nectar in Sri LankaDownload

Dissanayake D.M.L.N.K ( SriLanka )

9.Strength Comparison of Bio-Concrete With Conventional Concrete Download

Ekta Tripathi, Raj Kamal Arora and Mukul Lala (India)

10.Food Exchange List for Sri Lankans with Type 2 Diabetes MellitusDownload

Yalini Shanmuganathan and Jeewanadee Hettiarchchi ( Srilanka )

11.Analysis of Rubber Clones According to Agro-Climatic Variability of Sri LankaDownload

Pabasara M. Wickramasinghe, Oshadi P. Panahatipola and Niranga Dinushi ( Srilanka )

12.Energy, Economic and Environmental Impact of Wind Power in MalaysiaDownload

M. Faizal, R. K. Chelvan1, and A. Amirah (Malaysia)

13. An Impact of Emotional Intelligence on the Academic Achievement of the student: A case study on students of Career Point UniversityDownload

Garima Tyagi and Ashish Gautam (India)



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