Special Issue III – CITAES 2018

1. Comparative Study of Induction Generator And Synchronous Generator Using D-Q Model 

Vemireddi Tejeswara Rao

2. A Survey of VLSI Architectures for Hamming Code Algorithm 

Surapaneni Aparna, Y. Sri Chakrapani, T. Venkata Lakshmi and M. Kamaraju

3. Optimal Conductor selection and Capacitor Placement for Cost minimization in Distribution Systems 


Kollu Ravindra and KRKV Prasad

4. Maximum power point tracking scheme of photo voltaic array using an evolutionary algorithm 

B.S.Varun sai and K.Ravindra

5. Smart System to Detect the Maturity Level of Fruit Size Using IoT

B. Srinuvasu Kumar, S. G. Santhi and S. Narayana

6. Implementation of Koch Snowflake Fractal Antenna for Multi-Band Applications

D.Prabhakar, E. Vargil Vijay,P.Ravi Sankar and M.Satyanarayana

7. Design And Implementation Of Rectangular Spiral Patch Antenna By Using Coaxial Feed 

E. Vargil Vijay and D. Prabhakar

8. Enhanced Learning Management System with Semantic Technologies and Inferences 

Md Abdul Wassay and Suresh Dara

9. Distributed Web Content Management Systems For E-Learning Applications- A Research Study 

Md Abdul Wassay and Suresh Dara


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