Special Issue IV April 2019

1. Evaluation of phytochemical standardization and antioxidant activity of leaf part of Biophytum sensitivum 

A. Sreedevi and A. Malar Retna

2. Green synthesis of copper nanoparticles from the flower extract of Ipomea pes-caprae collected from Thoothukudi coastal areas 

Jeyapratha J, Christina C and Chandra Lekha N

3. Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical studies of Polyaniline/Benzalazine/cobalt(II) chloride composite 

B. Divya, D. Kanagavel, N. Chandralekha and C. Vedhi

4. A DFT Study of Diazepam Derivative 

J. Winfred Jebaraj and T. Sasitha

5. Composites of Copper Oxide and Polyaniline for Solar Cell Applications

Emi Princess Prasanna Athisayaraj and C.Vedhi

6. Food Safety and Hygiene Practices percentage ratio assessment study in fried food processing units 

J. Lawrence, G.V. Gopinath, Anitha Pius and C. Vedhi

7. Synthesis and Characterization Of Photocatalyst for the Photodegradation Process Of Detergent for Potential Applications 

Lydia. C and Allen Gnana Raj. G

8. A DFT study of Edaravone 

J.Winfred Jebaraj and J.Gershom Stuart

9. Characteristic Studies on Novel Biodegradable Polyurethane Thin Films from Soyabean Oil

Ginju.M.l and Dr. S. Begila David

10. Evaluation of Standard of Oil by Observing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the Fried Food Processing 

J. Lawrence, G.V. Gopinath, Anitha Pius and C. Vedhi

11. Synthesis, Characterization of Polyvinyl Alcohol with Graphene Thin film and Investigation of their Super Capacitance Behaviour 

P. Karpagavinayagam, P.Authidevi G. Kavitha, and C. Vedhi

12. Photo Catalytic Activity and Antimicrobial Activity OF Undoped TIO2 and Ag Doped TIO2 Nanoparticle Assisted By Cicer Arietinum 

K.Saravanadevi and J.Jasmine

13. A Study on the Binding Interaction of [Ru(bpy)3]2+ complex with quinones in neutral micellar medium 

T. Sumitha Celin and G. Allen Gnana Raj

14. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activities of Schiff base Ligands and its Metal Complexes 

Yokeswari Nithya .P, Ananthi .P and Shanmuga Priya D

15. Facile Synthesis of ZnO Nanocomposite By An Alginate Mediated Process And A Case Study For Photocatalytic degradation of MB Dye 

T. Uma Rajalakshmi and G.Alagumuthu

16. Synthesis and Characterization of Benzealkonium chloride cationic surfactant doped nanosize poly (o-toluidine) 

B. Mahalakshmi and C. Vedhi

17. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanosize Poly (p-phenylenediamine) in the presence of Benzalkonium Chloride 

V.Rajeshwari and B.Mahalakshmi

18. Thermal and Physical Properties of L-Lysine Based Deep Eutectic Solvents 

P. G. Ramesh and D.Ilangeswaran

19. Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Behaviour of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles from Cressa Cretica Whole Plant

Kalaiarasi.S and Yokeswari Nithya.P

20. Green Synthesis of Cobalt Nanoparticles from Leaves and Stem Extract Of Morus Indica (Mulberry) And Their Application 

R. Kirupagaran, K.vijayadevan and C. Vedhi

21. Chemical Synthesis, Thermochemical, Electrochemical and biological behaviour of MoO3-ZrO2 mixed oxide nanoparticles 

S. Kalaiarasi and S.Sankaravadivu

22. Green synthesis of zirconium, cerium & titanium doped cadmium oxide nanoparticles and its applications 

V. Raja Rajeswari, K.Lakshmi and R.R. MuthuChudarkodi

23. Synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles, characterization and photocatalytic applications 

K. Lakshmi1, V. RajaRajeswari and R.R. MuthuChudarkodi

24. Interactions of polyvinyl alcohol with sodium dodecyl sulphate and their characterization and electrochemical applications

B. Vijaya and R. Murali

25. Germanium oxide – doped magnesium oxide nanomaterial synthesized by green method and their characterization studies 

A.Suba, P.Selvarajan and J. Jebaraj Devadasan


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