Volume 2 Issue 8

1.Optimization and Quality Evaluation of the Cookies Developed from Composite Dehulled Sesame Seed FlourBlendDownload

Mukesh Kumar, Anshika Bhardwaj (India)

2.R&D Interventions vs. Constraints in Africa’s Root and Tuber Crops Sector Download

Felix I. Nweke and Peter J. Matlon (USA)

3.Utilization of Mango Kernel Starch as an Edible Coating of Raw Pork Download

Vipin Bahal and Anshika Bhardwaj (India)

4.Effects of Time-Temperature treatments on the sensory, nutritional and microbiological properties of whey based guava beverage during storage periodsDownload

Farhan Mohiuddin Bhat*, Rongen Singh and Charanjeet Singh Riar(India)

5.Characterization of copper added tellurium-rich chalcogenide thin filmsDownload

Pramesh Chandra, Arvind K. Verma, R. K. Shukla and Anchal Srivastava (India)

6.A SVD and Adaptive Quantization Based Robust Digital Image Watermarking TechniqueDownload

Usha Devi and Singh Rajeev Kumar (India)

7.Relevance of Experience in Color DesignDownload

Sambath RD (India)

8.Cases of Reproduction Disorder of Beef Cattle at Modo District, Lamongan in 2015Download

Anshori Azharuddin, Utomo Budi and Nurhajati Tri(Indonesia)

9.Students’ Understanding of Chemical Equilibrium Lesson in ThailandDownload

Wassana Chanyoo and Paisan Suwannoi(Thailand)

10.Factors affecting Customer Preference for Organized & Unorganized Retailing- A Study of Indian Retail IndustryDownload

Neha Zaidi(India)

11.Uplink Receiver with V-BLAST and Practical Considerations for Massive MIMO SystemDownload

Li Tian (New Zealand)

12.The Development of Two-Tier Diagnostic Test for Evaluating Primary Students’ Understanding on Plant Life Download

Chanoknat Chuenmanee and Kongsak Thathong (Thailand)

13.Factors Influencing Mobile Learning Among Higher Education Students in MalaysiaDownload

Zaifudin Zainol, Norfaiqah Yahaya, Nur Attiqa Mohamat Yahaya, Nurul Nadia Binti Md Zain ( Malaysia )

14.The Determinants of AIS Alignment on Audit Firms in MalaysiaDownload

Zaifudin Zainol, Atikah Dariah Minu, Muhammad Afiq Mohd Rahim, Muhammad Khairi Abdul Manan, Nur Izzati Aliaa Kamarudin ( Malaysia )

15.Preparation, Characterization and Biological Activity Evaluation of some Metal Complexes from Novel Schiff Bases based on Ambroxol DrugDownload

Walaa H. Mahmoud, Mostafa M.H Khalil, Hoda A. Elsawy, Gehad G. Mohamed, Mostafa A. Radwan ( Egypt )

16.Informational Counseling to the Parents having Delayed Speech, Language and Hearing Impaired ChildrenDownload

Anamika Hui  and Pubalin Dash ( India )

17.Automatic Temperature Regulator System for the Home Utilizing Green TechnologyDownload

FA Azidin, TT Wee, MR Roslan, MNS Razali, AS Ahmad Zainuddin ( Malaysia )

18.Architecture Based on Environmental Monitoring System using ZigBee Wireless Sensor NetworksDownload

Chandra kanta Samal and Rama kanta Choudhury (India )

19.Mobile Robot Path Planning Approach: A Review Download

Rama kanta Choudhury, Sanjay Kumar And Chandra Kanta Samal ( India )

20.Effectiveness of Social Media Advertisement in Promoting Business: A Study with Special Reference To NCR Download

Satish K Mittal and Jaspal Singh Malik ( India )







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