Volume 3 Issue 10

1. A Study on Financial Provisions for Disaster Management in the State of Andhra Pradesh  Download

Sanjay Kumar and Dr G Sudarsana Rao

2. Neighbour Resolving Partition of a Graph  Download

Hemalathaa, A. Subramanian

3. Synthesis and dielectric relaxations in self-assembled Cadmium Sulphide nanorods dispersed in conducting polymer  Download

Kousik Dutta

4. An Empirical Study of Training & Development and its impact on HR Strategies of Employee- Retention in Hospitality Industry of Uttarakhand  Download

Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal and Kumar Satyam

5. Identification Polymorphism of FSH β-Sub Unit Gene and FSHR Gene in Madura Cattle Results of Artificial Insemination with Limousin Cattle with PCR-RFLP Technique  Download

Budi Utomo

6. Consumer Attitude towards Online Shopping – A Case Study  Download

Poonam Deshprabhu – Sadekar and Naila Pereira

7. Computer Simulation of a D.I C.I Engine for Performance Analysis using DieselBiodiesel Blends  Download

T.Raja, R.Prabhakar, R.Chandrasekar, R. Venkatesh

8. The Emotional Competence of Women Teachers With Reference To Their Social Background  Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/3.10.2018.855]

Dr. M.A. Khalique and Manisha Digambarrao Asore

9. Determination of similar and dissimilar use cases for new agile project by applying case based reasoning  Download

R.Thirumalai Selvi and R.Manjula

10. Soil Analysis for Macro and Micro Nutrients from the Bamboo (Ochlandra)
growing forest areas in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 

Nisha, S.A., Grima, G. and Santhoshkumar, R.

11. Role of Edaphic Factors on the Population Density of Soil Inhabiting Collembola and Oribatid mites in Acacia Plantation of Cachar District, Assam  Download

Rajeeb Chetia Pator and Dulal Chandra Ray

12. Antifungal Activity of M. pudica L. Against Selected Human Pathogens  Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/3.10.2018.876]

Krishnamurthy Vijayalakshmi and Rajangam Udayakumar


A.Solairaju, T.Narppasalai Arasu

14. Extraction and FTIR characterization of chitosan from Portunus pelagicus shell wastes  Download


Vigneshwari, V. Gokula

15. Security framework against denial of service attack on cognitive radio networks  Download

Meenakshi Malhotra, Dr. Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh

16. Characteristics on Heat Treatment of AA6063 Aluminum Extrusion Based ZrO2 Molecule Reinforced MMC  Download


17. Enhanced Feedback Sessions Based Data Search Goals using Soft Clustering Technique  Download

T. Thamodaren

18. A Study On Consumer Perception Towards Packaged Drinking Water With Special Reference To Chickballapur Town, Karnataka, India  Download

Harish K.S and N. Sandhya

19. Photoconductivity Decay Kinetics of Acetylferrocene: Effect of Temperature  Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/3.10.2018.883]

Raghu Nath Bera

20.Determination of Elemental Concentration of Plant Samples of Panipat, Yamuna Nagar, Hisar Thermal Power Plants and Nearby Areas Using AAS and ICP-AES Techniques  Download

Atul Kumar Ahuja, Varinderjit Singh and Prem Singh

21. Lack of association between COMT Val158met polymorphism and Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy  Download

I.L Silva, B.P Santos, E.D Santos Júnior, Y.D Santos, G.F.C Santos, D.H Almeida, M.A Araújo

22. Endophytic Fungi as latent Pathogens in Eichhornia Crassipes (Mart.) Solms  Download

Soumya P. R, Rukshana Begum S and Tamil Selvi K. S

23. Depletion Of Glycogen In Different Tissues Of Freshwater Bivalve, Lamellidens Marginalis  Exposed To Tributyltin Chloride  Download

Jitendra Jagtap

24. Low cost green technological synthesis, spectral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory activities of Cr(III) and Fe(II) complexes with some bio-active ligands  Download

Gomadurai T, Rajasekar K, Balasubramaniyan S,Selvarani R, Veeravel C & Geetha R

25. Optimization of CNC turning operation parameters for EN32M steel by using TAGUCHI method  Download

R.Venkatesh, G.Nagarajan, R.Chandrasekar, T. Raja

26. Experimental Investigation and Comparison Of Mechanical Behavior Of Water Hyacinth Composite Materials 

J.Sathees Babu, C. Thangavel

27. A Review Paper on Identification, Analysis and Management of Risks Involved in Construction of a Highway Project  Download

Mohammad Afzal Akhtar and Sarthak Singh Rajput

28. Effect of Co2+ and Cr3+ Substituent’s on Elastic Properties of Ni-Zn Ferrite  Download

U. M. Mandle, L. A. Dhale, B. L. Shinde,  K. S. Lohar

29. Biosynthesis and characterization of Magnetic (Fe3o4) Iron oxide nanoparticles from a red seaweed gracilaria edulis and its antimicrobial activity  Download

Subhashini G, Ruban P, Daniel T

30. Influence of Age on the Grocery Shopping Behavior in Selected Cities of Karnataka, India  Download

Prof. Hariprakash U.P, Dr. Beeran Moidin B.M

31. Establishing the calculating program for rock stresses around a petroleum wellbore  Download

Le Nguyen Hai NAM, Do Quang KHANH, Tran Nguyen Thien TAM and Hoang Trong QUANG

32. Unravelling the Brand Attractiveness Quotient In Processed Food Industry  Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/3.10.2018.906]

Dr Rinalini Pathak Kakati and Anubhuti Deorah

33. Study of antibacterial activity with stem extracts of Achyranthes aspera, L.  Download

Arpita Panda, Goutam Sabat and B. K. Mohanty

34. Photocatalytic degradation of catechol over ZnO powder the influence of peroxomonosulphate and peroxodisulphate on the reaction rate  Download

Maria Berjilia, S. Manikandan and K.B. Dhanalakshmi

35. Impact of Performance Appraisal on employees in service sector enterprises of Kerala  Download

Mr. Sujith A S, Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastian

36. Perception of households of kolkata about e-wastes and its management  Download

Shelley Pandit , Dr. Dipankar Dey

37. Search Operations Via Swarm Based Robots  Download

Ms. J.Gowthamy,Anisha Rajesh, Disha Dikshita Behera , Anusha Chattopadhyay and B.Mathangi

38. The synthesis of silver nanowires in anodic Aluminum Oxide template  Download

Nguyen Van Dan,  Tran Huy Nam and Tran Thanh Tam

39. The role of Silibinin as a cure in LPS/D-GalN induced fulminant hepatic failure in rats  Download

Reem Mohammed Hashem , Kamel Mohammed Hassanin, Laila Ahmed Rashed and Ahmed Mahmoud Samy

40. The Past and Future Trends of Econophysics  Download  


41. Overview of Solar Robot  Download

Sohail Akhter, Shamama Ahmad, Mohd Muazzam

42.  Antipathetic Impacts of Sulphur Dioxide: A case study of

Indian Scenario by MODIS Analysis

Jacob Joshua and Sujatha C.H

43. Behavioral Intention to Adopt Blockchain Technology: Viewpoint of the Banking Institutions in Malaysia  Download

Hayati Yusof, Mai Farhana Mior Badrul Munir, Zulnurhaini Zolkaply, Chin Li Jing, Chooi Yu Hao, Ding Swee Ying, Lee Seang Zheng, Ling Yuh Seng, Tan Kok Leong

44. CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Interference Effect for a Multibody Launch Vehicle  Download

M.Senthil Kumar and R.Gowrishankar

45. Assessment of airborne microbes in different indoor atmosphere   Download

Amthul Azeez and Chandana. Y. J.

46. An Inventory of Four New Angiospermic Climbers Record from Coastal Districts of Odisha  Download

Gouri Sankar Juga Prakash Jena, Ramakanta Mishra and Kunja Bihari Satapathy


K.Sundaresan and K.Tharini

48. Fertility Differential by Women Employment Status in Murshidabad District, West Bengal  Download

Md Asgar Hossain Chowdhury and Md Akhtarul Hoque




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