Volume 4 Issue 10

1. Photodegradation of Basic Fuchsine Dye Using Sulphur Doped Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.10.2019.1654]

Lydia. C and Allen Gnana Raj. G

2. Web-connected weather station based on Arduino Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.10.2019.1601]

Dipankar Haloi and Papumoni Saikia

3. Use of Electronic Resources among Academics at the University of Maharshi Dayanand University Rohtak Haryana : A Study Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.10.2019.1653]

Dharmender Singh, Dharam Pal and Ram –Chander

4. Electrochemical Behavior Of Nb In Aqueous Solutions Of Different pH Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.10.2019.1647]

M.M. El-Rabiee ,G.M. Abd El-Hafez, W.A.Mahmoud and N.H.Helal

5. Stability Investigation of Clayey Soil using Shredded Tyre and Lime Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.10.2019.1630]

Sumit Kumar, J.P. Singh and M.K. Mishra

6. Beneficiation Studies on Lateritic Iron Ores of Sebuku, Indonesia Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.10.2019.1659]

Anand.V.Kulkarni and H. M. Jayasheela

7. Factors Influencing Competitiveness of Unorganized Retail Outlets with Special Reference to Indian Retail Stores Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.10.2019.1655]

Ajay Bahadur and  Ram Krishna

8. A Study on Atmospheric particulates Heavy metals near Thermal power station, Tuticorin, Tamil nadu Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.10.2019.1656]

Sheebha Malar O V, Isac Sobana Raj C and Jayasutha T K




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