Volume 5 Issue 2

1. Grammatical Cohesion in Political Discourse of Vietnamese Newspapers and English Newspapers Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/5.2.2020.1697]

Dung Dang

2. Decolourisation of Textile Dyes and Biological Stains by Bacterial Strains Isolated From Industrial Effluents Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/5.2.2020.1699]

Sanchita Choubey, VidhyaJadhav, Bhushan Talele and Suchitra Godbole

3. Conflagration and logging detection Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/5.2.2020.1695]

Gokilapriya.P, Varatharaj.M, Banumathi.P, Pavithra.S.B, Gayathiri.M and Ravivarma.P

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