Volume 1 Issue 10

1.Studies of Political Marketing: An Annotated Bibliography

Kanika Sharma

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/28581038

2.Eco-diversity and Habitation Partiality of order Diptera and Coleoptera and Siphonaptera among okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) and cauliflower (Brassica oleraceaL.) fields

Naureen Rana, Somia Afzal, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Ushna Bashir Rana and Yusra Yasmin

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/89489062

3.Measuring Shareholders’ Value in Indian Pharmaceutical Companies’: Economic Value Added (EVA) Approach

Merugu Venugopal and Dr. M Ravindar Reddy

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/30308955

4.An Empirical analysis on customer satisfaction level in Fast Food Industry among the major competitor’s [Delhi- NCR]

Shikha Bhagat

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/59772156

5.Foreign Media Framing of Boko Haram Insurgency: A Critical Analysis of BBC and Aljazeera Online Coverage

Dr. Greg H. Ezeah and Nathan O. Emmanuel

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/45990049

6.Seasonal and annual variation of Temperature and Precipitation in Phuntsholing

Leki Dorji

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/70262692

7.Factors Affecting Over Economy of Prefabricated Construction Systems

Motaz Bellah Adel,Prof. Khaled M. Heiza,Prof. Omar El-Nawawy and Prof. Ayman Hussein

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/51482256

8.Vedanta– The Science Of Consciousness: Sree Narayana Guru’s Epistemological Perspective

Dr. S. Omana

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/78722208

9.Citrus growers’ perceptions about the natural enemies of insect pests and hazardous impacts of pesticides on human health in district Toba Tek Singh (Punjab), Pakistan

Zunaira Shaheen, Naureen Rana, Muhammad Zakaria Yousuf Hassan, M. Ather Javed Khan, Shahla Nargis and Shabana Naz

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/22770548

10.Technical feasibility of Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) Intercropping System in Puttalam District, Sri Lanka

GAS Ginigaddara , APS Fernando and PMAPK Wijethunga

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/55918995

11.Are Agricultural Officers Competent to Use Audio Visual Aids for Extension work in Punjab, Pakistan?

Muhammad Ather Javed Khan, Muhammad Iftikhar , Ijaz Ashraf and Muhammad Zakaria Yousuf Hassan

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/70152494








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