Volume 1 Issue 6

1.Kinetic Study on Induced Electron Transfer Reaction in Pentaamminecobalt(III) complexes of α-Hydroxy Acids by Mn(III)acetate in Micellar Medium

T.Palanisamy, P.Rajkumar and K.Subramani

2.Performance Enhancement Security Technique of a Personal Multimodal Identification System Using Fusion of Keystroke Dynamics and Palm print Biometrics

Gaurav Kumar Singh,Arjit Bansal,Avinandan Nandi, Chaitanya Bhat and Dr. S. Venkatesan

3.A Novel Approach to Enhance Security in Cloud

Chandan Reddy,Dipin Raj,Sachin K.S.,Venugopal and Vaidehi M

4.Tunable Current-Mode Tow-Thomas Biquad Filter Based On Cdta

Radha Sharma and Owais Ahmed

5.Thermal Expansion, Phase stability and Interdiffusion in Pulsed laser Deposited Multilayers of ZrO2/Y2O3

P. Kuppusami and Maneesha Mishra







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