Volume 2 Issue 1

1.Video Games and Its Economy Impact in Southeast Asia Country

Hao Yoong Cheong, Woei Loon Choo, Chun Wai Lim and Tin Tin Ting ( Malaysia )

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/21821794

2.Effect of Formulated Eleusine coracana Diet in the Management of Alloxan-induced Diabetes Mellitus in Albino Rats

Nadro, M. S. and Onotu, M.O (Nigeria)

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/07845498

3.Spider diversity of Karnatak University Campus, Dharwad

Vaibhav P.U, Vidyavati M. H, Tanuja K.D, Milind F N, Karuna G, Veeranagoudar D.K and Pulikeshi M.B. (India)

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/27689456

4. 90-day Sub-chronic Oral Toxicity Analysis of Antrodia cinnamomea (“Niu-chang-chih”) Fruiting Body Extract in Rats

Ching-Dong Chang, Ping-Yuan Lin, Yi-Hau Wu, Chin-Huang Wu, Sheng-Tsung Luo and Wen-Ling Shih ( Taiwan )

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/59704366

5.The association between exposure to multiple environmental chemicals and recurrent pregnancy loss

Mona A.H. El-Baz, Nagwa Abo El-Maali, Al- S3hymaa Roshdy , Ahmed Fayek Amin and Tarek A. Farghay*(Egypt)

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/86756279

6.Intellectual Capital Management and Organizational Performance in Selected Food and Beverage Companies in Nigeria

Apiti, Christopher Uzoma, Ugwoke, R . O and Chiekezie, Njideka Rita (Nigeria)

UOI License :http://u-o-i.org/1.01/ijasrm/34590760






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