Volume 2 Issue 12

1. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching on Anemia among Pregnant Women Visiting Selected Government Hospitals of Mumbai

Shobha Chatse-Kardak (India )

2.Diversity of Aquatic Insects and Physico-Chemical Parameters of Kelageri Lake, Dharwad (Karnataka)

Pavan Yargal, Vaibhav Ugare, Soumya R. Patil, Dheeraj K. Veeranagoudar and Pulikeshi M. Biradar* (India)

3.Assessment of RF Exposure Levels Occur Due to Mobile Base Station Antennas in Sri Lanka

M.A.A. Karunarathna, C.A.N. Fernando and P. Samarasekara ( Srilanka )

4.A Mechanism for Predicting Lane Change Actions of Automobiles to Avoid Collisions

H.M.A.J Herath, W.A.S Wijesinghe and M.J Walpola(Srilanka )

5.Fractal Hexagonal Disc Shaped Ultra Wideband Antenna

A.M.M.Allam, M. H. Abdelazeem (Egypt)

6.Effect of Negative refractive index of Metamaterials on filter performance

Sara Ghanem, A.M.M.A Allam ( Egypt)




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