Volume 4 Issue 8

1. Cash Flow Statements of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. And I T C Ltd.: A Comparative Study 


Kinnari Modi

2. Offline Handwritten Signature Verification using Distance based Classifier 


Alpana Deka

3. An EOQ model for deteriorating items when quantity received uncertain under permissible delay in payment with planned shortages and equivalent holding cost and shortages cost 


Raina Pandya and Chirag J Trivedi

4. Social Media and Academic Performance of Students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: The Case of University of Nigeria, Nsukka 


Rebecca Nwosu, Henry Ajibo, Aloysius Igwe, Aloysius Odii, Theophilus Ndubuisi, Helen Nnadi and Ijeoma Igwe

5. Management efficiency and profitability: A Case study of Petrochemical Industry 


Bhagabata Behera and Abhijit Das

6. The Impact of Urbanization on Food (in)Security in Amhara Regional State Metropolitan cities: Monitoring Income Generating Capacity Limitation as a Mediating variable 


Besfat Engdaw and Melaku Kebede

7.Psychological Well‐being of the Older Persons – a descriptive Study 


R.Maheswari and K.Maheswari

8. Evaluation of Physico-Chemical Composition of extracted oils from different groundnut varieties grown in India


Shashikant Pardeshi

9.Bellier Turbidity Temperature Test (BTTT) using for Identification of safflower oil available in markets of India 


Shashikant Pardeshi

10. Geomorphological Study of Yelahanka watershed, Bangalore rural district, Karnataka, India


Shivanna S.1 And Vyshnavi D.R.





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