Volume 5 Issue 3

1. Investigation and Assessment Model of Employment Services for Domestic Disabled People in China— Taking Visually Impaired People as an Example


Yen-Chang Chen, Chin-Tung Weng and Tun Kang

2. Effect of salinity stress on the seedlings of Vigna radiata (L.) , Wilczek 


Souranshu Jena and Goutam Sabat

3. Thermo gravimetric Investigations of Mixed Metal Tartrates leading to Oxidic Spinels 


P. S.Shah and F.V. Dandawate

4. Einstein’s Cosmos: A Theoretical Framework of the Oscillating Universe 


Dong-Yih Bau

5. Attitudes and Expectations of Khmer Ethnic Student-Teachers Majoring in English Education toward Participation in VSTEP for their Professional Development 


Nhut Minh Tran

6. Impact of personality on the trust factor in E-wom communities 


Mumtaz Reina Mendonça



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