Volume 6 Issue 2

1.Pulsatile flow of Elastico-viscous fluid with nanoparticles in a porous diseased arterysubjected toexternal magnetic and body forces 


R.Padma,R. Tamil Selvi and R. Tamizharasi

2. A Simple Encryption Approach to 5G Multicarrier Based Waveform Utilizing Subcarrier Frequency Diversity with Improved BER Performance 


Kiran V Shanbhag and Savitha H M

3. The relationship between Gender Mainstreaming approaches and the Performance of Rice growers’ cooperative in Bugesera District, Rwanda


Amara M. Kamara and Ernest Safari

4.The relationship between school feeding practices and students’ retention in secondary schools of Nyanza District-Rwanda


Niyizimigambi Theogene and James Kant Kamuhanda

5. Comparative study to assess the complementary action of Homoeopathic medicines [Phosphorus 200 CH (mineral kingdom) and Pulsatilla 200 CH (vegetable kingdom)] as growth enhancers on plant Allium cepa L. 


Sangeeta Jain, Rajesh Kumar Kumawat and Mratyunjay Raj Kumar Gupta

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