Volume 3 Issue 11

1. Real time and In-Silico Based Analysis of Heat Stress Responsive Transcription Factor MBF1c from Wheat  Download

Harinder Vishwakarma and Jyoti Sharma

2. Optimization and characterization of cutting parameters for EN19T material in CNC turning  Download

G.Nagarajan, R.Venkatesh, T. Raja and R.Chandrasekar

3. Ultrasonic Studies on Solvation Parameters of Urea in Aqueous Triton -100 at 303K, 308K and 313K  Download

Seema, K.Renuka Devi, J. Benazir Jiya and P.Seethalakshimi

4. Acoustic and Thermodynamic properties of sodium silicate in aqueous Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate by ultrasonic studies  Download

Benazir Jiya, K. Renuka Devi, R. Seema, P. Seethalakshmi

5. Teachers’ Choices on Environmental Principles of Learning Effective Mathematics in Secondary Schools  Download

Ashim Bora and Sahin Ahmed

6. Phytochemical analysis and Antioxidant activity of Catharanthus roseus Flower extract in different solvent  Download

Thanga Revathi M and Joys Selva Mary Albert 

7. Polyethylene degradation by microbes isolated from municipal solid waste  Download

Nouzia Fathima.K and Siluvai Kirubagari Aneeshia.C 

8. Elisa (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) Research In Global: A Scientometric Assessment During 1972-2017  Download


9. The surface and soil properties of azadirachta indica oil in sodium dodecyl sulfate  Download

P. Seethalakshmi, K. Renuka Devi, J. Benazir Jiya and R. Seema

10. Influence of Interpersonal Relationship on Job Stress of Marketing Executives of Private Banks in Chennai  Download

N.V.Ramachandran and Dr.R.Rajendran

11. Optimisation of process parameters to minimize defects using response surface methodology in a ceramic industry  Download

Neelakandan B. and Dr. C. Muralidharan

12. Molecular Structure investigation Towards Pharmacodynamic Activity of Sulfamethoxazole using Experimental and Computational Tools  Download

Sathya A, Prabhu T and Ramalingam S

13. α regularity and α normality axioms in a spaceα regularity and  α normality axioms in a space  Download

Md. Mamun Ar Rashid

14. Short-term Effect of Two Fungicides on Cellulase Enzyme Activity of Eisenia fetida Under Laboratory Conditions  Download

Sujoy Mandal, Partha Partim Chakravorty and Jayanta Kumar Kundu

15. Growth and reproduction of Eisenia foetida in different livestock excreta management through vermicomposting  Download

B Venkatesh and N Ramesh

16. Hydrogeochemical assessment of Groundwater in Sagar Island Region, South 24-Parganas, West Bengal, India Download

Debabrata Das

17. Intellectual Capital: Its Effect on Financial Performance of Indian Private Sector Banks  Download

Selvam Murugesan, Thanikachalam Vadivel, Kathiravan Chinnadurai and Dhanasekar Dhamotharan

18. Synthesis, Characterization and Application of undoped and doped ZnO- photocatalyst Download

M. Maria Berjilia, S. Manikandan and K.B. Dhanalakshmi

19. Analyzing Long Term Liquidity of Foreign Banks in India  Download

Shradha H. Budhedeo and Neha P. Pandya

20. Coastal Side Mapping of Potential Placer Mineral Stretches – A case Study in and around Thiruvanthapuram areas, South Sector Kerala, Arabian Sea (India) using GIS and Remotely sensed data  Download

Madhavan Dhanabalan

21. Analysis of different approaches for code smell detection  Download

S.James Benedict Felix and Dr.Viji Vinod

22. Starch- Based Plastic: Strength, Degradation in Soil and Water Absorbance Ability  Download

Manju Elizabeth Kuruvila, Nikhila Sudhakaran and Varsha Madhu

23. Inventory management techniques at hospitals  Download

Keerthana.S and Dr. Ch. Bala Nageswara Rao

24. Conflict and conflict resolution  Download

Muzaffar Ahmed

25. Morphometry And Length Weight Relationship Of Panna heterolepis (Trewavas, 1977) From Hoogly River ,West Bengal, India.  Download

Priyankar Sanphui, Sutapa Gupta & Arindam Dasgupta

26. Synthesis and in vitro Biological Evaluation of 6-chloro dibenzo[c,f][2,7]naphthyridine  Download

Arumugam Murugesh and Subramanium Parameswaran Rajendran




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