Volume 3 Issue 12

1. Productivity Improvement of Continuous Casting Through Utilization of Caster Speed Using Goal Programming Technique  Download

Subodh Kumar, Surya Narayan Panda,Somnath Chattopadhyaya

2. Impact of technology on teachers in primary and higher secondary schools  Download

A.K Marrieam Nachiar, Neeraja Baskar and Bala Nageshwara Rao

3. Investigation of the silver ion dynamics in a tellurite glass matrix  Download

Soumyajyoti Kabi

4. Is Population Growth the Reason for the Poor Socioeconomic Development in Nigeria?  Download

Aloysius Odii, Bonaventure N. Nwokeoma, Ngozi I’ Aronu and Ijeoma Igwe

5. Investigation of Off-targets of NSCLC drug Ceritinib: A Structure Based Systems Biology Approach  Download

Tammanna R. Sahrawat, Prabhjeet Kaur

6. Empowerment of Women in India  Download

Neha Tomar and Seema Singh

7. Pulse period study of few Anomalous X-ray Pulsars  Download

Chetan Kachhara

8.Aerodynamic Flow Visualization through Multiple Inlet Swirler  Download

R.Gowri Shankar and M.Senthil Kumar

9. Problems and Constraints in Adoption of Zero Tillage Wheat;Farmers Perceptions  Download

Gurinderjit Kaur and Pooja Mehra

10. An eco-friendly synthesis, spectral characterization and biological significance of Ni(II) complex with 2,4-Thiazolidinedione and Benzoate ion as ligands  Download

L.Palanivelan, S. Balasubramaniyan, R. Govindharaju and T. Ramachandramoorthy

11. Impact of Idol Immersion Activities Leading to Deterioration of Water Quality  Download

Ayush Jain, Jitendra Nayak, Bhikhu More, Mansi Mehta,Tanvi Tamakuwala and Gaurav Shah

12. Report On Isolation Of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) From The Gut Of Lesser Horseshoe Bat Collected From The North-Eastern Part Of India  Download

Sheryl Lanong, Ferry Kharshandi, Highland Kayang and Donkupar Syiem

13. Priming Induces Stressful Memories in Plants Download

Mayukh Das, Paulami Koley, Monimala Mondal and Surekha Kundu

14. The Cosmos with the Success/failure System  Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/3.12.2018.1044]

Dong-Yih Bau

15. Impact of Experiential Marketing on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Commitment in Select Malls  Download

Dr.Syed Abdul Aleem and Prof. Badiuddin Ahmed

16. Cradle To Cradle: Clothing As Material Culture   Download

Swati Gupta

 17. Removal of anionic dye Congo red from aqueous solution by ZnO-Montmorillonite as adsorbent: Equilibrium and kinetics  Download

P. Gowtham, B. Kavitha, R. Arunadevi, R. Sivaperumal

18. Unsteady MHD convective Casson fluid flow past a vertical porous plate in the presence of radiation and thermal diffusion  Download

M. Umamaheswar

19. An Analysis of Problems of Micro Enterprises and its Relationship with Diverse Level of Performance  Download

Dr. Aradhana Chouksey

20. Self-potentially enhanced electrode based hybrid thin film sensor for Delicate Bio-medical Applications  Download

Fazle Kibria and Sankar Narayan Patra

21. Role of FDI on the Growth of Indian Economic System Download

Sanjeev Kumar Singh

22. Effect of Sodium hydroxide treated polypropylene fiber on stabilisation of soil  Download

Dheeraj Kumar, A. K. Singh, M. K. Mishra and J. P. Singh

23. Heat transfer effect on an oscillatory flow of Jeffrey fluid through a porous medium in a tube   Download

L.Hari Krishna, A.Hemantha Kumar and K.Janardhan

24. Correspondence between the polytropic gas dark energy model and Tachyon scalar field  Download

Prasanta Das, Dr.Shibu.Basak

25. Fashion Experience of the Urban Indian Consumers  Download

Usha Narasimhan

26. Elastic Effect of Two Different Sized Spherical Particles by Particle – Particle Contact Using Discrete Element Method  Download

Oleena S.H

27. Super Sum Vertex Labeling of Binary Tree  Download

Gerard Rozario Joseph and Joseph Varghese Kureethara

28. Baylisascaris transfuga: a parasite with zoonotic potential  Download

Mohmad Muzafar Sheikh, Hidayatullah Tak, Mustahson F. Fazili, Bilal A. Bhat and Ishfaq Nazir Wani

29. Status of vultures in India: A review  Download

Hameem Mushtaq Wani, Bilal A. Bhat, Mustahson F. Fazili, Umer Hameed Shansaz, Iqram ul Haq and Rouf Ahmad Bhat

30. Recent times of corporate governance and its fraudulence in India  Download [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/3.12.2018.1058]

Himanshu Mishra

31. Population Growth and Urbanization: Impact on Sustainable Development of Society  Download

Manju Shivran

32. Extent of Environmental disclosure practices of selected Indian Manufacturing Companies on the websites  Download

Minie Bhalla and Dr.Inderpal Singh

33. Single Point Ocean Current Measurements during two different seasons near Kalingapatnam region – Case Study  Download

S. Balasingh John Samuel, Y. Srinivas, S. Arunbose and E. Karthikeyan

34. A study on level of educational aspiration of high school students  Download

Senthil Raja and U. Pandian

35. Anomalous variation of ionosphere for cyclones over Indian region – Case study  Download

M. Noor Riswana, V. Muthulakshmi, S. Mohanasundari and E. Karthikeyan

36. A Goal Programming Approach for an Effective Financial Budget of an Indian State  Download

Sasank Mouli Kommerce, Dr. Raghunath Reddy and Dr V S Triveni

37. A Case Study on Physico-Chemical Properties of Ground Water in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh (India)  Download


38. Study on Awareness and Applicability of Business Process Reengineering and Its Impact on Employee’s Skill Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises  Download

\Hanumant D. Ubale and  Sandhya D. Dhabe

39. Developmental Toxicity of Cyfluthrin in Embryo-larval Stages of Zebrafish  Download

Sandhya Kadiru

40. Growth Patterns, Recent Trends and Prospects of Livestock Farming: A Case Study of East Kazakhstan Region  Download

Atiqullah Malik

41. Study of Soil Structure Interaction for Framed Structures with Raft(Shallow)Foundations  Download

Jasvir Singh,Dr. Rajeev Goel and Dr. Ajit Kumar

42. Determinants of Consumption of Performing Arts in Delhi NCR  Download

Jisha Rajendran and Kavita Indapurkar

43. Comparative Wood Anatomy Of Family Lythraceae Of Assam/NE India With Reference To Their Identification  Download

Malti K. Singh

44. Determination of copper in natural Water, Vegetables by Direct and Derivative Spectrophotometry  Download

K. Sara Subudhi, D. Sreevani and K.Ashok Rao

45. Work motivation, locus of control and organisational commitment of executives  Download

P.Jaya Kumar

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