Volume 2 Issue 11

1.Mineragraphic studies of iron ores of different hill ranges of Hospet-Sandur-Bellary sector, Karnataka, India

Anand.V.Kulkarni and H. M. Jayasheela (India)

2.Managing nations as brand entities; a focus on Kenya in relation to India

Jairo Kirwa Mise (Kenya )

3.Assessment of cropping region against yield factor with reference to temperature and rainfall variability 

Arnab Ghosh, Malabika Biswas Roy*, Abhishek Kumar and Pankaj Kumar Roy (India)

4.Fabrication and analysis of instantaneous water cooler by using isobutane as refrigerant

Mannala Sarath Kumar, B OmPrakash, R. Ganapathi (India )

5.Effect of Ni doping on Structural and optical properties of NixCd1−xS nanoparticle synthesized by chemical precipitation method

Anil Kumar*, Ramesh K. Sharma, Navdeep Goyal, Sanjeev Gautam (India)

6.Intratymanic Injection of Dexamethasone in the Management of Otitis Media with Effusion

Haitham El-farargy, Saad El-zayat (Saudi Arabia , Egypt)

7.Adopting secondary Data is Boon for Accounting Research- Conceptual study 

Dr.Dhanuskodi Rengasamy (Malaysia )

8.Omega-6 and Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids of Canarium zeylanicum and Fourteen Additional Seeds from Sri Lanka

W.M.A.P Wanigasekera, N.P.H. Priyanwada and H.R.W. Dharmaratne ( Srilanka )

9.Sensitivity and stability of super-efficiency in data envelopment analysis models

M.Thilagam and V.Prakash (India)

10.The effect of pH value on controlling the Ferrite@SiO2 nanocomposites size and magnetic properties

Anh Thi Quynh Luong ( Vietnam )

11.Development of Amoxicillin loaded microspheres for anti-Helicobacter pylori infection using Ionic Gelation method

Fashli Razak, Noreen Morris, Alan Murphy and James Kennedy (Ireland )

12.Dependence of Q-Factor of the Series RLC Circuit on Inductance in Real Practice

Dipesh Chanda and Basabdatta Bose (India)

13.A new class of periodic solutions to the Photogravitational Hill problem

Habeebur Rahman and Hasan S.N (India)

14.Analysis of anti-cancer potential of Terminalia arjuna

Shivsharan Singh, Satish Kumar Verma and Santosh Kumar Singh (India)

15.Experimental investigation of shallow depth combustion chamber (piston bowl) for four-stroke single cylinder DI Diesel engine fuelled with blends of olive oil

Y. Syamala and Dr. Smt. G. Prasanthi (India)

16.Rise, Challenge and Response to Islamic Extremists in West Africa: The Case of Mali and Nigeria

Abdullahi Ayoade Ahmad, Hamidin Abdul Hamid and Mohd Afandi Bin Salleh (Malaysia)

17.Comparison between typical features in the last born story type of Vietnam and similar stories of some Asian countries

Ngoc Lan Nguyen Thi (Vietnam)

18.Pashmina Goat Farming in Cold Arid Desert of Ladakh: A Geographical Study of Changthang Region

Imtiyaz Ahmad Malik and Feroz A. Wani (India)



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