Volume 4 Issue 2

1. A brief review on Aromatic Volatile Organic Compounds 

Anup Biswas and Biplab Mondal

2. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity Study of New Flavones  

V.K.Kannan, D.V. Patil, Samadhan R. Patil, R.M.Patil and R.S.Lokhande

3. Microbial degradation of Polyethene from Dumped Soil in and around Thirukalukundram 

J. Sivakumar, S. Illanjiam and C. ShanmugaSundaram

4. An Empirical study on Overconfidence as a mediator between Past Experience and Disposition effect 

Anson K J and Tomy K Kallarakal

5. Do Sales Person Able to create Gap Between Intention and Behavior in Smartphone Retail? An Empirical Approach 

David Campbell and C. B. Singh

6. A Spatio-temporal study on fluctuation in pre-monsoon and post-monsoon groundwater level in Tripura, North-east India 

Jimmi Debbarma and Nibedita Das (Pan)

7. Comparative Study of Job Satisfaction among Senior College Teachers in Nashik City 

Vivek Raje

8. A Novel hybrid comparison based on Simulated Annealing techniques 

Sowmya k Menon and Varghese Paul

9. Anti-Bacterial Activity of Parotoid Gland Secretion and It’s Extract of the Toad Bufo melanostictus 

Thirupathi. K, Shankar.Ch, Chandrakala.G, Krishna.L and Venkaiah.Y

10. Mechanical and Dielectrical Properties of dyes doped KDP crystals for non-linear Optical applications

S.Rajeshkumar, P. Ambalavanan, P.Kumaresan

11. A review on biological management of diseases of cotton (Gossypium sp.) L. 

Pawan Kumar Meena, Laxmi Meena, Ashwani Kumar Verma

12. Avian Species Diversity of University of Kashmir campus, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India 

Iqram ul Haq, Bilal A. Bhat, Sabeehah Rehman and Zaffar Rais Mir

13. Effect of Boiling Time on Selected Engineering Properties of Cassava 

Ezeoha, S. L., Aneke, N. N. & Iwunze, C.

14. A Preliminary Study on Diversity of Spiders from Tumkur University Campus, Tumakuru, India 


Kokilamani A. L., Lokeshkumar P., Rakesh B. O., Sahana R. and Geetha H. C.

15. Effect of Grateloupia lithophila (sea weed) extract as biofertilizer on edible plant Amaranthus tricolor var.tristis 

R. Eswaralakshmi and S. Hariprasath

16. A report on indigenous freshwater fish under Order Synbranchiformes, from Paschim Medinipur and Jhargram District of West Bengal, India. 

Angsuman Chanda

17. Risk management strategies in large telecom companies: with special reference to Nokia

Sandeep Sehrawat

18. Energy, Economic and Environmental Impact of Sugarcane Bagasse in Malaysia 

M. Faizal, W. Y. Ang, A. Amirah and Y. H. Tan

19. A New Approach to Solve Fuzzy Travelling Salesman Problem 

P.Rajarajeswari and D.Maheswari

20. An experimental study on television viewing and family communication in Tirunelveli District 

S. Nelsonamndela, S. G. Balasubramania Raja and Ajantha Thamayanthi

21. Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activity of Bulb in Ledebouria revoluta (L.f.) Jessop 

Aswini R and Murugesan S

22. Relation between Farm Size and Use of Machine in Agriculture : A Study from Assam

Amarendra Kalita

23. Study of ph11/2 band in113Sb: A review 

Sourav Ganguly

24. Development of Physical Education in India: A Life Long Perspective Future Directions toward its Standardization 

Rahul Kumar and Kalpana Sharma

25. Sustainable alternatives to Shifting Cultivation in North East India 

Anil Pratap Singh

26. Introspection of chemical transformations in soil through some natural drivers 

Lalan Chandra Mandal and Mitali Kundu

27. Phytotoxic Effect of Paper Mill Effluent Treatment on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Radish (Raphanus sativus


28. Refining Strategies and Improvised Decision Making With Insights from Big Data Applications 

Kavita Khadse

29. Flow Of Nanofluid With Stenosis And Post Stenotic Dilatation Through An Inclined Artery 

M.M.Quraishi, M.V.Ramana Murthy,Syed Waseem Raja,Mohammed Abdul Rahim and K.M Prasad

30. Green synthesis of Silver and Gold nanoparticles using Shorea tumbuggaia bark extract and screening for their Catalytic activity 

Yamini Saraswathi Yeragorla, Vinay Viswanath Konduri, Bodaiah Bonigala, Pavani Bai Bondili and Sudhakar Poda

31. Relative Performance Analysis of Standalone Private Health Insurance Companies 

A.Bhuvanes Kumar

32. Skills and Training Needed for the Delhi NCR Hotel Industry (The Perspective of the Hotel Human Resources Manager) 

Deepak Kumar and Nitin Girdharwal

33.Cashew Nut Shell Liquid and Kernel Export Performance of India 

K. Santhi and K. Maran

34. Assessment of Soil from Fuel Station at Devrukh in Ratnagiri District 

Mane Arya and Menon Geetha

35. Overview of Battery Electric Vehicle Using Induction Motor 

Manvita Asnodkar, Uma Pujari and Pravin Bidkar

36. GUI Using MATLAB for PTT and HRV Analysis for Detecting Early Changes in Physiological Variables 

Yadhuraj S.R, Sudarshan B.G and Prasanna Kumar S.C

37. Culture and Rape: The Intersections in Varanasi City 

Rashmi and Ambarish Kumar Rai

38. LABVIEW based Smart House Control 

Arth Patel,Kalpesh Chudasama,Ravi Patel and Shreyas Patel

39. Effect of Seasonal Variations in Grasshopper Diversity at Selected High and Low Range Areas 

Manju Elizabeth Kuruvila, Saranya Mohan and Sonia Jacob

40. Critical assessment of commercial insurance models for life & health insurance and social security benefits provided by ESIC 

Prerna Garg and Dileep Singh

41. DOA Estimation using Non-eigen Decomposition and Beamforming in Dynamic Condition 

D. Khumane and S.M. Jagade

42. The Logic of the Success/failure System 


Dong-Yih Bau

43. In vitro Biosorption Metabolic Studies of Heavy Metals by Plant Based Biosorbent Materials

Aasha Madiq, R. and Udaya Kumar, R.














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