Volume 3 Issue 2

1. Finding the Identical Twin

Dr. Jay Desai and Dr. Nisarg A Joshi (India)

2. Social Competence among Adolescents in relation to their Emotional Maturity

Harpreet kaur (India)

3.Political Economy of Information Industry

Suresh Kodoor (India)

4.Determinants of work stress and job performance among administration employees in education sector in Malaysia: Examining the moderating role of social support

Sai Mei-Ling, Sobanah-Dhevi, Tharmalingam And Vikniswari Vija-Kumaran (Malaysia)

5.Yoga-Informed Mindfulness-Based Risk Management (YMRM) in Healthcare: A Novel Integrated Approach Incorporating Stress Management through Yoga and Mindfulness

Anand Ramanujapuram (India)

6. A Review of the Effects of Corporal Punishment on Brain Development in Young Children

M.A. Rajalakshmi (India)

7. Water Management System – A Case Study

Shivanna, S., Vyshnavi, D.R., H.P. Mahendrababu (India)

8. Fluid flow and Heat transfer of a viscous fluid of finite depth over a fixed thermally insulated bottom

Khaja Moinuddin (India)

9.Concepts of Early Intervention for High Risk Babies 

Nagaratna Vallamkonda and Arti Maria (India)

10. Poverty and Tourism: An Extensive Study on Assam 

Sahidur Alom (India)

11. Contemplative Neuroscience as Evidence-Base for Spirituality in Health 

Anand Ramanujapuram (India)

12.A Review of the Effects of Early Exposure to Music on Brain Development

M.A. Rajalakshmi (India)

13. Socio – Political Empowerment of Dalits through Panchayati Raj Experience from India 

Dr. Sonkhogin Haokip & N. Umarani (India)

14. Effect of Gamma Radiation on CBC parameters of Male Guinea Pigs 

El-Dessouky M. M. and El-Dessouky Y. M. (Egypt)

15. Usage of Rabbit uterine as natural incubator of Goat embryonic growth process originated from slaughter house 

Budi Utomo, Indah N. Norma (Indonesia)

16. Enigma of Casting Technology Awareness in Manufacturing Industry of Northern India 

Jagdeep Singh and Harpuneet Singh (India)

17. Hybrid pair of mappings and common fixed point theorems in ordered cone metric spaces over Banach algebras 

S.K. Malhotra, P.K. Bhargava and Satish Shukla (India)

18. Analyzing petroleum royalty demand by the Kelantan state government against the federal government 

Hussain Yusri Zawawi, Mohd Rizal Mohd Yaakop, Jazimin Zakaria and Aziawati Zakaria (Malaysia)

19. A Review on Security Issues, Challenges and their Solutions in MANETs 

Kshitiz Agarwal, Mukul Rustagi and Surjeet (India)

20. A study of Nuclear Binding Energy of Magic Number Nuclei and Energy Splitting considering Independent particle shell model 

Dipesh Chanda (India)










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