Special Issue V April 2019

1. Using Advertisements for ELT in schools in Rural India Download

Anshuta Sharma and Ritu Kumaran

2. Analysis of the Performance of Libraries and Laboratories using K-means Clustering Download

Gauri Shanker Kushwaha

3. Antimicrobial Activity of Bridelia retusa Against Human Pathogenic Microorganisms Download

Ruchita Tripathi, Amit Tiwari and Annu Tiwari

4. Kamal Transformation Based Cryptographic Technique in Network Security Involving ASCII Value Download

Ayush Mittal

5.भोपाल के विश्वविद्यालयों के पुस्तकालयों में इंटरनेट (ई संसाधन) सुविधा: रोजगार के अवसर और उपयोगकर्ताओं का अवलोकन Download

बन्दना नामदेव

6. Non-Newtonian power law model on two phased arterial blood flow during lung cancer Download

Dheerendra Kumar

7. Evaluation of toxic levels of fly ash in two of the fresh water fishes Channa punctatus and Puntius sophora Download

Sushma Singh and Shikha shrivastava

8. Madhya Pradesh ke gramin vikas mein sarkari yojnao ka yogdan Download

Monika Malviya and Mradulata Sikarwar

9. Garibi unmulan ( janjati ke sandarbh mein ) Download

Anjali Garhwal

10. Grameen aarthik vikas mein sarkari yojnao ki bhoomika Download

Bhawana Thakur

11. Khelon ka mahatv vyaktitav vikas ki mahti avayashakta Download

Manoj Kumar Verma

12. Comparative Study of Public And Private Telecom Wireless Services In India Download

Neha Shrivastava

13. Study of Virtualization Software in the context of VMware Infrastructure Download

Dev Ras Pandey and Bharat Mishra

14. Studies and development of the bio-batteries using cow’s excreta (dung and urine) as an electrolyte Download

Raj Kumar Rajak

15. Solid Lipid nanoparticles as a novel carrier for effective treatment of cancer Download

Sourabh Tiwari1 and Ravi Upadhyay

16. Rural Development through Film and Literature: Impact of Satyajit Ray’s Films, Pather Panchali and Sonar Kella in Boral and Jaisalmer Download

Meghna Ghatak

17. A Mathematical Analysis of Artery with special reference to Jaundice Download

Rizwan Ahmad Khan, A.K.Agrawal, Dheerendra Kumar, V.upadhyay and P.N. Pandey

18. Young Minds of Agricultural Families and their Occupational Aspirations Download

Aabid Ali Rather and Mussaib Ibni yousuf Anznoo

19.Review on Traditional Therapeutic Approach for Microbial Infection with Ethnomedicinal Plant-Vitex Nigundo Download

Ruchita Tripathi

20. Statistical Assessment of the Heavy Metals Pollution of Water and Sediment in the river MandakiniDownload

R.K. Shukla, G.S. Gupta, D. P. Singh and Mahendra Kumar Mishra

21. Globalization a Paradox: An Assessment of Women Empowerment in India Download

Arti Srivastava and Parvaz Ahmad Khan

22.In vitro shoot regeneration of Populus nigra Download

Yogesh Pardhi, Ankur Dahayat, Monika Ganwir and Mahendra Kumar Mishra

23. Madhya Pradesh mein anushoohit janjateiyon e chatra chatraon ke liye ( kendriya Prayoit aarthik yojana ke vishesh sandharbh mein ) Download

Sunita Pandron

24. Chromatic number and chromatic index of product of two isomorphic regular graphs Download

Ashish Kumar, Mohit James and Bhavana Singh

25. Grameen evam krishi sanrachna – Yojana ek pehal Download

Malsingh Moori

26. Phytodentistry: Potential Application of Traditional Medicinal Plant Extracts in the Prevention and Treatment of Oral Diseases. Download

Kamini parmar

27. Solid-state lighting in favors of White Light Emitting Diode (LED):  a Review Download

Nidhi Malviya, Vinita Rajput Chouhan and Manisha Sonel

28. Antiradical And Electrochemical Behaviour Of Some Palladium(II) Complexes Download

Kalpna Trivedi, Indra Prashad Tripathi and Mahendra Kumar Mishra

29. Medicinal Plants: Role in treatment of Diabetes Download

Mahendra Kumar Mishra

30. Synthesis and Characterization of Some Zn(II) Complexes of L-Glutamic Acid and L-Aspartic Acid Download

I P Tripathi, Aparna Dwivedi and Mahendra Kumar Mishra

31. Quantitative Screening of Phytochemicals of Different Parts of Ficus benghelensis Linn. Download

I .P. Tripathi, Poonam Pandey,Poonam Chaudhary,Mahendra Kumar Mishra and Vandana Pathak

32. Assessment of Stone Crusher Pollution and Its Control Measures Download

Anjani Gupta

33. QSAR studies of β-Carboline derivatives as potentantiviral agents Download

Purushottam Das Soni, I.P Tripathi and M.K. Dwivedi

34.Present Situation of Information and Communication Technology in rural areas Download

Satish Kumar Mishra and Bharat Mishra

35. Role and Challenges of Space Weather on Human Society, & its Management with the help of Ionospheric TEC Download

Himanshu Chaurasia, Neelam Chaurasia and Gyanendra Pandey

36. Role of Animal Husbandry on Rural Trends and future prospects in India Download

Priti Mishra and C. P. Gujar

37. Sarkari yoznao ka grameen vikas mein yogdaan ka vishleshanatmak adhyan Download

Mahender Kumar Jain and Nikhilesh Kumar Jain

38. Role of ICT in libraries Download

Sunil Kumar Jain

39. Grameen evam krishi vikaas ( Aarthik sudhaar ek abhinav pehal ) Download

Nisha Vishwakarma

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