Volume 3 Issue 6

1. A Review Paper on Cost Evaluation of Heavy Construction Machinery Used in Real Estate Sector Based in Lucknow Using Depreciation Method 

Shama Parveen, Zishan Raza Khan

2. Indicators of Bank Profitability in India: An Analysis of Nationalised Banks 


3. Financial Inclusion in Arunachal Pradesh – An Analysis of Problems and Constraints

Sanjeeb K Jena, and Likha Eichir

4. Culinary Crossing of Food Contact Materials with Emphasis on Endocrine Disruptors: A Review of Exposure, Effects and Risk Mitigation


Sarika Chhabria Talreja

5. Impact of Untreated and Treated Textile Effluent on haematological parameters of fresh water fish, Tilapia mossambica 

T. Deepika and C. M. Noorjahan

6.Bioremediation of Polymer Effluent using Bacteria and its Reuse for the Growth of Ornamental Plant 

R. Harinee, U. Irfana Fathima, S. Kalaiselvi, A. Raziya, B. Sowmiya and C. M. Noorjahan

7. Impact of Demographic Variables, Psychographic Variables and Product Attributes on Consumer Preference for Branded Apparels 

Ebha Garg, Dr. Charu Swami and Namrata Singh

8.A study on the effectiveness of grievance handling mechanism in Arunachal Pradesh State Co-Operative Apex Bank Ltd 

Arindam Garg 

9. Olivine Composition in Picrite Basalts in Pulivendula-Vemula section, South-Western part of the Proterozoic Cuddapah Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India 

C.H. Ravikantha Reddy, U. Suresh, U. Imran Basha , M. Rajasekhar

10. Monitoring land use/cover changes during the mining activities in Aravalli Hill Region

Deepa Nathalia, Arjun Suresh, Neha Singh

11.Assessment of Soil Fertility and nutrients status of Simrawal and part of Asrawal watershed, Tons sub-Basin, Ganga Basin 

Kutubuddin Beg, Ravi Chaurey

12.A Study on Poverty Estimation and Current State of Poverty in India 

Swastik S Satapathy, Krishna K Jaiswal

13. Elemental, Microbial, Pesticide and Volatile Organic Component Analysis of Water near Rudrapur Areas in Uttarakhand


14.Automatic Solar Submersible Pump Control for Irrigation 

Prasham Shah, Vineeta S. Chauhan

15. A study on digital banking with regard to Demonitisation in India 

Mrs.A.Caroline Priyanka Koorse Govindaraj, Dr.S.Kavitha

16. Role of Quality Management success factors for enhancing the performance of SMEs of Northern India-An Empirical Investigation 

Deepinder Singh, Harwinder Singh, Jagwinder Singh and Jagdeep Singh

17.Baylis-Hillman Adducts: Synthesis of Biologically Important Molecules 

Dandamudi V. Lenin

18. Efficacy of antagonistic fungi for the control of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in in vitro conditions

Yarielyn Saio and Mamtaj S. Dkhar

19.An Approach to Design of Cotter Joint Using Genetic Algorithm Optimization Technique 

Arvind Gothwal

20.Linking Employee Performance Management System Characteristics with Performance Management System Effectiveness in Selected Public-Sector Banks of Guwahati 

Debosree Sarma and Dr. Munindra Kakati

21. Markovian Inventory Model For Deteriorating Items With Bayesian Estimation

N. S. Indhumathy, Dr. P. R. Jayashree

22. Anthropometric Facial Evaluation for Medico-Legal Purposes 

Vijeta Choudhary and A. K. Kapoor

23. Engineering Properties of Soil in Sri Muktsar Sahib District of Punjab (India) – Statistical Analysis

Parveen Chander, Dr. Rajiv Chauhan, Dr. Rajesh Kumar

24. A Comprehensive Study of Cervical Carcinoma based on Manual Screening Techniques 

R. Rajpriya and Dr.M.S.Saravanan

25. Laminar Boundary Layer Flow on a Flate in a rotating system with Magnetic Field

Dinesh kumar Sharma and Pawan Saxena

26. Positional Plagiocephaly 

Nagaratna Vallamkonda and Arti Maria

27. Impact of demonetization in the use of plastic money with special reference to card and non-card holders

Nair Sreeja Sivankutty and Dr. S John Manoraj

28. Effect of MgCl2 on the Evaporation Reduction Ability of Cetyl Alcohol 

Yogesh N. Dangar and Jatin J. Upadhyay

29. Survey of Garbage Disposed in Different Places at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand 

P.P.Tripathi and  Hitesh Kumar

30. A brief Analysis of the Patents associated with the Indian Electrical energy sector 

Kallal Banerjee and  Dr. Dipankar Dey

31. A Review Paper on Evaluation of OSHA Fall Protection Norms in Indian Scenario 

Mohd Abu Zaid and Zishan Raza Khan

32. Brain Dominance and Emotional Intelligence of College students 

M.Avoodai ammal and Dr.C.Ramesh

33. Nothing for Us Without Us”: Tanzania-Uganda Borderlanders’ Desired Soft Border Management for Improved Livelihoods, Border Peace, Security and A United and Integrated Africa 

Switbert R. Kamazima

34.Studies of Aluminum (Al 2O3) Stress with enzymatic parameters of Vigna radiata, L.seedling 

M. Mohapatra, G. Sabat , R. Padhy and B.K.Mohanty

35. Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Using Goal Programming Method

Shikha Tiwari, Dr. Arun Kumar

36.To study of Preference of the Bank and Satisfaction with Banking Services: Comparative Picture of Nationalized and Private Banks 

Zalak Shah, Dr. M.H. Maisuria

37.Comparative Study of Different Machine Learning Algorithm for Dyslexia Children 

Mrs. Selvi. H, Mr.Saravanan. M.S

38. Contribution of ‘E-commerce Applications’ in augmenting the Professional Image of Auto OEMs and Ancillaries 

Shashank Lohokare, Dr.Vidya Nakhate  and Dr. Kunal Bhattacharya

39. Environmental friendly practices followed by hotels and their influence on guests 

Rakesh Ahlawat

40. Socio-Economic Conditions of Scheduled Castes : A study of Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir State 

Chinky Sangral and Prof. Jasbir Singh

41. Design and Simulation of Flyback Converter (Two Output, 8 W) 

Raj Shah and Hinal Shah

42. Reservation in the Indian educational scenario – post constitutional amendments 

Dhanya C.S

43. Adsorptive removal of Orange G dye from an aqueous solution by Activated Carbon prepared from Coconut shell 

Dr. Kosha Shah, Amit Parmar

44.Characterization of process parameters for drilling of holes on titanium using drill EDM 

Vanaja T, Dr.Vidyasagar M, Dr. Govardhan D, Labesh Kumar C



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