Volume 3 Issue 7

1. A review on solar radiation of the photo voltaic system

Pankaj Jha and Shweta Sharma

2.A Comparative Study of Psychological Capital in Government and Private Hospital Doctors 

[ DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/3.7.2018.650]

Evelyn Raghel Thomas and Geetika Tankha

3. Process for the Extraction and Encapsulation of Curcumin in Nanoemulsion using Edible oils 

D.R.Sobankumar, Akhila Rajan, J.Christudhas,Allen GnanaRaj

4. Porphyrins as Red-Emitting Organic Electroluminescent Material 


Raghu Nath Bera

5. A Brief Review of Clinical Audit as Integral to the Philosophy and Science of Medicine: A Case Study of Self-Appraisal of Cognitive-Behavioural Assessment in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children and Adolescents 

Anand Ramanujapuram

6. Warm Mix Asphalt Mixture Performance Using Recycled Asphalt 

Mohamed Elbheiri, Hasan Mahdy, Khaled Kandil, Akram Sultan

7. Impact of Working Capital Management on Financial Performance & Share Price: Evidence from Indian FMCG Companies 

Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Dey

8. A Cohesive Framework For Providing Recommendations In Microblogging Systems 

Radhakrishnan Indra, Muthuraman Thangaraj

9. Screening and Optimization of Actinomycetes from compost soil for the biodegradation of LDPE 

P. Priyadarshini,S. Zakiya Fathima, K.Vijaya Ramesh

10. Redressal of Consumer Grievances through District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums 

Mani Arora and Dr. Anil Kumar Soni

11. In Vivo Evaluation On The Deleterious Effects of Fipronil on Earthworms 

Anu P Sebastian,Parvathi.V,Remya Rajan,Biya Agnes Bernard,Beegum Farsana A.M

12. Women entrepreneurs and stand-up India scheme: a critical evaluation 

Jyotisikha Dutta

13. Investigation of Impact in Smart Grid Disturbances on the Output of Solar Photovoltaic System 

Yogesh Mehta , Ravindra Prakash Gupta and O. S. Lamba

14. Determination of Cold Storage Location in Odisha for Minimum Transportation Cost 

Rashmi Ranjan Das, Jyoti Prasad Behera

15. Optimization of Helical Extension Spring for Static Load Using Genetic Algorithm

Arvind Gothwal

16. Static and Fatigue Finite Element Analysis of Carbon – Epoxy Composite Leaf Spring

Chatwant Singh Pandher, Gurinder Singh Brar and Tejeet Singh

17. A Preliminary Study on Different Feeding Habits of Beetles (Coleoptera)

Hridisha Nandana Hazarika and Jatin Kalita

18. Review on Investigation of Tribological Performance of a Lubricant Using Nano Additives 

Sayed-Akl, Ahmed A. Abdel-Rehim,  Sherif-El Soudy

19. Analysis of physico-chemical properties of textile effluents collected from Sanganer, Jaipur 


Ravi Kant Rahi, R. N. Prasad and Varsha Gupta

20. Inter State disparities in public health expenditure and health status in India 

21. Antibacterial activity of complexes of Cu (II), Fe (III) and UO2 (II) with pyrazine-2-carboxylic acid hydrazide and its derivatives 

Ravish Kumar Chauhan

22. Optimized Circuit Construction for Privacy Enhanced Onion Routing Based on Genetic Algorithm 

Dr. S. Shakila

23. Identification of histone deacetylase10(HDAC10) protein interaction network and its implications on cancer 

Sabeena M, Kaiser Jamil, A.V.N Swamy

24. Performance Evaluation of SBI Mutual Funds by using the Tracking Error Information 



25. Forest Certification 

Anil Pratap Singh

26. Investigation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Biodegradable Rod (Banana Waste/PLA) Developed from Extrusion Process 

Amrinder Singh Pannu, Sehijpal Singh and Vikas Dhawan

27. Comparative study of the seasonal variation of NO2 gas in polluted air 

Vandana Saxena and Soni Yadav

28. Electron Injection Layer’s Comparative Research Study on Devices for OLEDs Efficiencies 

Yadevendra Kamal, Vandana, Rita Rana and Rajesh Mehra

29. Molecular Detection of Rhlb Gene from Biosurfactant Producing Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Isolated From Oil Contaminated Soil 

Sk. Jasmine shahina, Ayisha bivi.m, summera rafiq

30. Screening of Extracellular Hydrolytic Enzymes from Halophilic bacteria and Biodegradation of LDPE 

Summera Rafiq, R. Ishrath Razia, SK. Jasmine Shahina and K. Vijaya Ramesh

31. Attitude and Decision Making Style of Different Consumer at Modern Retail Outlets – A Study with Reference to Coimbatore City  

Kirthika.R., S.Babu, Subha.T, Prakash.A

32. Awareness and Use of Electronic Resources by Post-Graduate Students in Technical University Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Sciences and Technology Haryana: A Study 

Dharmender Singh and Dr. Dharam Pal

33. Future of Apartment in Tier –II Cities of India 

Parampreet Kaur

34. Production of biofertilizer by aerobic digestion of domestic waste 

B.Arvind Kumar and C.Chellaram

35. A Novel Method for Low Resolution Video Enhancement using Super Resolution Technique

Thota Mary Ragni, Sathuluri Mallikharjuna rao

36. Regression analyses of log k2 against various solvent parameters for the reaction of p-toluenesulfonyl Chloride with α-hydroxy acid(s) in the presence of pyridine

R. Kavitha and S. Ananthalakshmi

37. Investigations on Engineered Photovoltaic Materials 

Ravindra Kumar and Deepak Sharma

38. Expression of Heat Shock Protein (Hsp) Genes in the Stored Grain Pest, Sitophilus oryzae (L) (Coleoptera:Curculionidae) 

Resmi S Nair, Susha Dayanandan and Beena Joy

39. Comparison of the phase speeds of equatorial plasma bubbles during geomagnetic quiet and disturbed days 

Sukanta Sau and S. Gurubaran

40. Equality in the Foreign Exchange Exposure of IT and FMCG Sector Firms 

Zakiya Begum Sayed and Gayathri Jayapal

41. Investigation on MHD radiative flow of Powell-Eyring Nanofluid through non-linear stretching sheet 

S.Anuradha, R.Praveena

42. Identification of aquifer potential by using geoelectrical resistivity technique in the northeastern part of the Jordan Valley, Jordan

Mohammad Tarawneh, Janardhana M. R

43. Behaviour of Drilling Fluids on HPHT Well Conditions

J. Sudharsan

44. An Empirical study of role of various government norms on brand image of food products in Indore city 

D. D. Bedia and Arvind Malviya

45. A Hybrid classification approach for Land use /land cover change analysis of Birsinghpur Tehsil, District Satna (M.P.) 

Kutubuddin Beg, Ravi Chaurey

46. The investigation on School Guidance and Counselling Services in Sri Lanka 


Dr Senevirathna Bandara

47. Chromatic Number of Sierpriński Wheel Graph

Nirbhay Singh and Dr. Mohit James

48. A study of herbal plant extracts on fungal infections in fresh water ornamental fish Poecilia reticulata 

M. Umamaheswari and Dr.R.Krishnamurthy

49. Toc 1 Biological Clock Gene in Plants of Nine-Planet Forest 

Ameer Jani Shaik, Yousuf Anwar Syed


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