Volume 4 Issue 1

1. Application of LED as an Ecological Safe Source for Optical Sensors 

Ankita Kar, Nivedita Kar and N. K. Shukla

2. Issues of Slums in Bathinda City 

Sandeep Kumar and Shubhpreet Singh Sidhu

3. Antimicrobial and Mycochemical Analysis of Crude Extracts of Marine and Terrestrial Fungi 


Neha Keral, Govindaiah, M. Shivashankar and Manmohan M.S.

4. Deregulated Multi-Objective Economic Load Dispatch using Cuckoo Search Algorithm 

John Valder and Pinto Pius A J

5. Glycolipid Biosurfactant from Indigenous Pseudomonas sps. isolated from Kandigai, Kanchipuram District For the Removal of Cr(III) 

C. Elizabeth Rani ,G. Angeline Anila and K.K.Kavitha

6. Investigation on MHD MicropolarFluid flow over an exponentially Stretching Surface 

S.Anuradha and R.Punithavalli

7. Phytochemical and Antioxidant Studies of Some Isolated Endophytic Fungi 

M. Kanjana, G. Kanimozhi and A. Panneerselvam

8. Nutritional Textural and Organoleptic Evaluation of Barnyard Millet based Weaning Food mixes 
Indu Bala and Nazni P
9.Role of Teachers in Motivating First Generation Learners of Elementary Level 
Ishita Das
10. Reactions of Radical Anion and Cations: An Overview 
Sayantan Mondal
11. SCADA Implementation of Secondary Voltage Control and Active Power Monitoring of AC Microgrid using SIEMENS SIMATIC S7 300 PLC and Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal 
Hema Mehta, Himani Modi and Axaykumar Mehta
12. Limnological Features of Purna River in Akola district, Maharashtra, India 
Dilip Meshram, Prashant Deshmukh, G. K. Khadse and Pawan Labhasetwar
13. A study on projective recurrent and symmetric tensor in almost kaehlerian spaces   
Trishna Devi, U.S.Negi and Mahender Singh Poonia
14. Design and analysis of power electronics interface unit with controller for photovoltaic system 
Altaf Mudhol and Pinto Pius A.J
15. The Insurance Sector In India: A Comparative Analysis Of Key Performance Indicators 
Shiv Kumar and Shikhar Saxena
16. Predicting Student Performance Using Data Mining Techniques: A Survey Of The Last 5 Years 
S.Menaka and G.Kesavaraj
17. A study to assess the knowledge on prevention of dengue fever among the mothers of under five children’s at Jeeva Nagar, Kottucherry 
A.Ezhilarasi, M.Poovizhi and A. Sugantha Preethi
18. Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Shortest Path Algorithms 
Aijaz Magray, Mudasir Younis and Chitaranjan sharma
19. Exploring Students’ Acceptance of Computer Technology in Indian Universities 
Monica Bedi and Pooja Chopra
20. A study on attitude towards ageing among the older persons  [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.1.2019.961]
K.Maheswari and R.Maheswari
21. Adaptive changes in detoxifying enzymes of looper pest (Buzura suppressaria Guen.) of tea in relation to specific tea clone and synthetic pesticide spray 
Mayukh Sarker
22. Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Matrix in Medical Diagnosis 
D.Maheswari and T.Surya
23. Role of Mass Media in creating Environmental Awareness among the residents of Poonch District of J&K India 
Javed Manzoor and Waseem Akram
24.A study on Role and Applications of Cryptography Techniques in Cloud Computing (Cloud Cryptography) 
Waseem Akram
25. An optimal replenishment of fuzzy inventory model for time dependent deteriorating item with fuzzy planning horizon  
Ajoy Kumar Maiti
26. Status of Chironomids (Diptera) as Potential Bioindicators  [DOI:10.36282/IJASRM/4.1.2019.1135]
Deepak Rawal, Gyata Prajapat and Himani Verma
27. Fastest Shortest Path Finding Algorithms for Large Road Network 
Aijaz Magray and Chitaranjan Sharma
28. How do trade policies affect economic growth ? 
Minh Binh LE, Nhung Thi Kim NGUYEN, Yen Thi Bach TRAN and Tai Tan NGUYEN
29. Correspondence between the quintessence and dilaton scalar fields with the polytropic gas dark energy model 
Prasanta Das and Shibu Basak
30. Numerical Solution of Fuzzy Pure Multiple Neutral Delay Differential Equations 
D. Prasantha Bharathi, T. Jayakumar and S. Vinoth
31. Modernization an Outlook 
Muzaffar Ahmed




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