Volume 4 Issue 6

1. Effect of zinc-nickel ferrite nanoparticles content on microwave absorbing abitility for the X-band frequency range

Anh T.Q. Luong, Tan T. Le and Dan.V. Nguyen

2. Tracing Gender Stereotyping of Women By Companies of Various Industries in their Advertising Efforts 

Aishwarya T Menon and Shrinivas V Kulkarni

3. Impact of Demographics and Diet on Blood Lipids 

Vaishnavi Joshi and Santoshi Lakshmi

4. Redefining English for Legal Academic Purposes in India: With Special Reference to National Law Schools 

Pratima Dube

5. On Fixed Point Results in Generalized Metric Space 

Latpate V.V. and Dolhare U.P.

6. Understanding the interface of interaction between Internal Marketing Practices and Employee Satisfaction. A study of select branches of State Bank of India 

Pankaj Khajuria

7. Impact of Organisational Climate on Employee Performance: With Special Reference to Automobile Industry in Chandigarh 

Subina Syal

8. Mean filtering to de-noising image using various block size

M. Kasthuri

9. Trust: A Precursor to Electronic purchase of Hotel Rooms 

Arati Prabhu

10. GST in India – An Analytical Study

Ranjan Kshetrimayum, Chingkheinganba Chanambam and Nao Kshetrimayum

11. Assessment of Loss of Heterzygosity (LOH) in Breast Cancer Patients of Central Indian Region 

Jyoti Jain, Ruchira Chaudhary, Vikas Jain, Kishore shende and Farha Khan

12. Study of Soil Analysis in Different Places at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand 


13. An Exploratory Study of Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Higher Education

Sunil Kumar and Iqra Parveen

14. Analytical Investigation of Agricultural Soil from Different Areas of Kiccha Regions in U.S.Nagar – Uttarakhand


15. Environmental Policies, Laws and Legislations in India 

Ruchi Jain, N. Upadhyaya, RenuBala Sharma and R. Upadhyaya

16. Intrusion Detection Analytics: A Comprehensive Survey 


Nerella Sameera and M. Shashi

17. Laplace Transform Method for Solving Electric Circuit Equations 

Muneer Ahmad Sofi and Inderdeep Singh

18. ANN Application in Sensing-Transmission Scheduling in Cognitive Radio 

Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh

19. Effects of Malathion on Retinoids and Carotenoids Reserves  of Freshwater Fishes Heteropneustes fossilis and Polyacanthus fasciatus 

Jahnabi Goswami

20. Tuning of PID Controller Using Bode Plot Technique towards the Dynamics of Human Cardiac Muscle Considering Dead Time 

Aishwarya Banerjee,Soumyendu Bhattacharjee and Biswarup Neogi

21. Behaviour based safety management system to minimise health and safety risk at cement plants 

Sandeep Bhatnagar and Jyotsana Khandelwal

22. Optimization of Standard Prosthetic Arm Introducing Control System 

Swati Barui and Biswarup Neogi

23. Environmental Plastic Pollution

Anil Pratap Singh and Angom Sarjubala Devi

24. Investigation of Ground Water Quality of Ranchi District of Jharkhand, India using Water Quality Index Method

Asif Raza and Nur Jomiur Alom

25. Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Assay of Azo Dyes derived from 4-Nitrocatechol Phenolic Moiety 


Sonali Lokhande and Nandakishore Thakare

26. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity study of New Zinc Metal complex prepared from 2-hydroxy 4, 5-dimethyl Chalcone derivatives

V.K.Kannan, Raju M. Patil, D.V. Patil, Girish.E.Patil and Rama S. Lokhande

27. Pharmacognostic Studies and Anti-Microbial Assay of Aqueous Floral extracts of Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth

Ancy J. Fernandes and Archana U. Mankad

28. Preliminary Survey on Relative Diversity and Residential Status of Avifauna in district Karnal,  Haryana ( India)

Parveen Kumar Vats

29.Studies in Interaction Between Bivalent Transition and Alkaline Earth Metal Ions with Substituted Ketimine Drugs Under 75% Dichloromethane (DCM) – Water Mixture at 302+1K pH Metrically 

Ganesh Andhale and Sanjay Wagh

30. A Novel Approach for Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using the Concept of Computer Vision 

Tripti Singh and Akhilesh Sharma

31. A Study on Constraints faced by Handloom Weavers of a Heritage City (Varanasi)

Jyoti Srivastava and Indira Bishnoi

32. Palmoxylon phytelephantoides sp.nov.- A New Fossil Palm from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Umaria, Madhya Pradesh, India

S.V. Chate, S.D. Bonde and P.G. Gamre

33. Technological Classification of Knowledge Based Manufacturing Industries: A Comparison between India and OECD countries

Sivakoumar. N and Kavida.V

34. Designing of a grid connected Solar PV System for Street Light of DMRC Housing Complex (Sarita Vihar, New Delhi) Using PVsyst 

Md. Ehsan Alam and Muhammad shahid

35. Development and analysis of epoxy based hybrid composte 

Padmaraj Annaji

36. Watermarking Algorithm for RGB Noisy Images Using SVD and APBT for Copyright Protection 

Shweta Singh Rathore and Vivek Singh Rathore

37. Auto Building Extraction from HD Satellite  Image for the Application  of Map Development 

Awantika Singh and Akhilesh Sharma

38. Forecasting Average Rainfall Model Based on Fuzzy Time Series in Chhattisgarh State 

Sonal Dani ,A.J. Khan and Sanjay Sharma

39. A novel framework for patient health care monitoring system using IoT based cardiac disease management 

Pragaladan  and A. Bama

40. India 2030 automotive energy scenario with special reference to biodiesel 

A.Balasundaram and A.Cyril

41. Evaluation of Level of Service for Various Junctions in Visakhapatnam 

Preethi Datti, G Jyoti Swaroop, P. Manoj Kumar and Abdul Razzak

42. Role of Transfer Pricing In Indian International Taxation: An Empirical Study


43. Impact of Tourism on Generation of Employment in India

Pooja Shriwas, Ragini Shirbad and Abhay Khamborkar

44. Environmental Sensors through Nanomaterials

Abdul Quayoum

45. An inventory model with modified Weibully distributed deterioration rate,

quadratic demand, time dependent IHC and without shortages 

S. D. Rohida, Rudri Dave, Kirtan Parmar and U. B. Gothi

46. On Semi*𝛅- Homeomorphism in Topological Spaces 

Reena C, Vijayalakshmi P and S. Pious Missier

47. Worldwide Research Analysis in Citrus: A Scientometric Study

Rajendran. L

48. Article on the Non-homogeneous Sextic Equation with Five unknowns

Anbuselvi.R and Nandhini.R

49.  Explorative Factor Analysis of K.S. Mishra’s Home Environment Inventory


Partha Sarathi Mallik

50. Recommendation of Product in Social Network using STD 

D.Gandhimathi and A.JohnSanjeevKumar

51.  Financial Performance Analysis- A Comparative Study of Bank of Baroda and Axis Bank 

Anshuja Tiwari and Rakhi Tiwari


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