Volume 3 Issue 8

1. Fifty years of the Tanzania-Uganda 1° 00´S terrestrial border peace mediation: an insider-outsider’s perspective 

Switbert R. Kamazima

2. Ring Opening Polymerization of Polylactide using Zinc Stearate as an initiator and Triphenylphosphine as co-initiator

Paramjit Kaur

3. A study of a parallel fan standby redundant system operating in a power plant

Upasana Sharma, Gunjan Sharma

4. Stress Urinary Incontinence and Its Homoeopathic Perspective 

Sangeeta Jain, A. N. Mathur, Shishir Mathur and Arun Phophalia

5. Molecular detection of rhlB gene from Biosurfactant producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from oil contaminated soil 

SK. Jasmine Shahina, Ayisha Bivi.M, Summera Rafiq

6. Biodegradation of Low Density Polyethylene(LDPE) by Nocardiopsis alba from municipal landfill in Chennai 

P. Priyadarshini, Summera Rafiq , SK.Jasmine Shahina, K.Vijaya Ramesh

7. Work Stress and Family Imbalance in Healthcare Industry 

Dr. Rashmi Rai

8. Spectroscopic (FTIR, FT-Raman And NMR) Investigations and NBO Analysis of  2-Hydroxybenzothiazole By Quantum Mechanical Technique 

Rasheed .M.P ,S Seshadri ,R sangeetha, Satheeshkumar M.K

9. Environmental Crisis & Ethics of Mankind 

Sudipta Sinha

10. The Global Mean Surface Temperature Series: A Review 


11. Thermal studies of Cellulose, Phosphorylated Cellulose and its metal complexes

Manjeet Rani, Vikram Kumar and Sohan Lal

12. Socio economic factors influencing the Quality of Life of Type 2 Diabetes Patients in North Kerala 

Shamya.K and Prema.l

13. Socio-Demographic Inequalities among Scheduled Caste Women: A Block Level Analysis of Malda District of West Bengal, India

Bikash Barman, Avijit Roy and Pradip Chouhan

14. Investors who are professionals are travelling by the same bus or not?

M. Bala and Dr. S. Madhavan

15. Geochemical and Geophysical Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Suitability for Drinking Purposes in and around Udangudi Area, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India

S.Rajkumar,S.Arunbose,NithyaC.Nair, E.Karthikeyan, Dr.Y.Srinivas

16. S.A.S. Nagar Master Plan: A Critical Analysis 

Ravi Inder Singh, Karamjit Singh Chahal

17. Simulation study of adhoc on-demand distance vector (AODV) routing protocol in manet using SCILAB 

G.Vennila, Dr. D. Arivazhagan

18. Phosphorus solubilizing activity of Mycobacterium cosmeticum under various cultural conditions 

Sunitha kumari, K., S.N. Padma Devi and K. Nisha

19. Triple Connected Line Domination Number For Some Standard And Special Graphs

A.Robina Tony, Dr. A.Punitha Tharani

20. Photocurrent Decay Kinetics of Acetylferrocene 

Raghu Nath Bera

21. Immunomodulatory effects of Curcumin (Curcuma longa) on fresh water edible fish Catla catla (Hamilton-buchanan

Umamaheswari and R.Krishnamurthy

22. Natural Language Processing: Evolution, Methodology, Problems and Applications in Real World 

Garima Tyagi

23. Ecofriendly synthesis, physicochemical characterization and catalytic activity of gold nanoparticles using plants 

Bodaiah Bonigala, Anupama Ammulu Manne, Yamini Saraswathi Yeragorla, Usha Kiranmayi Mangamuri, Pavani Bai Bondili, Sudhakar Poda

24. Ethnobotanical enumeration of forage plant species in and around Colonel Sher Jung National Park, Simbalbara (CSJNPS), Sirmour (H.P.), India

Jaswant Singh Saini and S.K. Sood

25. KAP study on bio-medical waste management among nursing professionals in Haldwani (Nainital)

Amit Dumka, Dr. Preeti Khanduri

26. A Phytochemical Study of Common Plant Dietary Sources in Relevance to Inhabitants Malarial Tolerance of Kamrup Metropolitan District of Assam, India

S. Saikia. , S.C. Das, R. K. Sharma

27. Surface Morphology of Protecive film formed on mild steel immersed in Simulated concrete pore solution in presence sodium tri poly phosphate 

T.Shanthi, S. Sathiyaraj and S. Rajendran

28. Geopolitical issues in West Bengal associated with ‘Gorkhaland’ agitation in hilly Darjeeling – Search for peaceful suggestions for the Gorkha life 

Dr. Priyabrata Mondal

29. Two Fluid Cosmological Model in (2+1) Dimensional Space-Time 

G. R. Avachar

30. Effect of natrum muriaticum on biochemical constituents of ovary of selected ornamental fishes 

Sudha Veeragoudhaman, Varatharajan Gokula

31. Kinetic Study of Thermal Degradation of Varieties of Plywood by Using Thermogravimetry under Nitrogen Atmosphere 

Suresh kumar, Kapil Gulati, Satish Kumar and Abhay Singh

32. Fabrication of Ag doped Ni1-XGdxO Nanocomposite by Auto-Combustion Method and their Antibacterial Efficacy 

Suresh Gowda I.K., Bhojya Naik H.S., Viswanath R, Arun Kumar G and Gururaj H

33. Novel 1,3-Thiazine derivatives bearing schiff base moiety as potential antidiabetic and antiproliferative agents 

Priyadarshini.V, Sundaresan.K and Tharini.K

34. Crises of Agriculture in Punjab: Setbacks to Diversification and Role of State 

Dr. Gurinderjit Kaur

35. Standardization of the growth sustaining attributes of Avicennia officinalis L. for strategic afforestation protocols 

Neethu G. Pillai and Harilal C.C.

36.A Study to Web Search Personalization: Factors and its Optimization 

Nidhi Saxena, Bineet Gupta


37. Selecting the best features of EEG signals using CSP algorithm 

Noran Elkafrawy, Doaa Hegazy and Sayed Fadel

38. Impact of Internal Marketing Practices on Employee Satisfaction: A case study of State Bank of India 

Pankaj Khajuria

39. A Seasonal Study on Proximate Composition of Major  Food Fishes of Cochin Back Water, (CBW)  of  Kerala, India


40. On the Trace of Symmetric bi-Semi derivations on Near-Rings 

C.GangiReddy, Dr.D.Bharathi

41. Implications of New Goods & Services Tax on Telecommunications sector in India:Professionals’ Perception

Dr. Leena S Guruprasad and Mr.Bharath Bhushan.H.N

42. Dengue, the disease in Daman, India 

Garima Jaiswal , Dr Mridul Malakar and Susmita Bose Roy

43. A study on g*α-Compact and g*α-Connected Spaces 

T.Delcia, Dr. A.Punitha Tharani

44. Isolation and susceptibility of candida sp. from acquired urinary tract infections 

Priya Gowri, R., Arunkumar, S.  and Rajasekaran. R.

45. The Role of Jaggery in Modern Consumer Food Habit – A Review 

Alamelu mangai and K. Subramaniam

46. Influencing Factors on Impulse Buying 

M. Shahitha Banu and Dr. K. Pongiannan

47. Optimization of Rapid Green Synthesis of AgNPs using Citrus sinensis peel extract for antibacterial activity 

Santhini S. Nair, Syed Tahira Rizvi, P.D. Anthappan

48. A Fixed Point Theorem for Multivalued F-Rational Contraction with δ-Distance 

Bhawna Parkhey,Manoj Ughade, Sukhraj Singh and R. D. Daheriya

49. Study of software used to implement financial tools and concepts 

Dr.Vivek Chaplot

50. Optimization of Cutting Parameters for Turning Operation on CNC Lathe 

Yogesh Kolekar, Saurabh Khot, Manish Mandal, Pranay Jogale, Chhaya Patil

51. A Study on Relationship between top 3 Industries in BSE Sensex period from 2013 – 2018 

A.Lingapoosan and Dr.S.Madhavan



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